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The Affenpinscher is an extremely smart dog and a life partner like no other.

Affenpinschers are companion dogs, they are originally from Germany, yet they are not very popular in the US, Canada or UK, even when their characteristics make them the best choice to be a partner for both adults and children.

The Affenpinscher is a German dog; it belongs to the Pinscher group breed. This is the same group where we can find the Schnauzer, which is actually more famous. The Affenpinscher is the smallest dog in its group breed.

The first Affenpinscher ancestors’ portraits that left a mark of their existence date from the 16th century. These portraits were created by Alberto Durero (the most famous German Renaissance artist). In one of his works of art made in wood, he shows that this was a family dog. By the end of the 19th century they appeared in even more works of art.

The origins of the Affenpinscher come from the long-haired Pinschers. It is a small-sized dog; their weight does not go over 8 to 11 lb. And their average height is 10 inches to the withers. This breed has a rough black coat, with a long moustache and bushy beard on their short muzzle. This breed has small, compact and harmonious dimensions with equal length on the back and withers.

Affenpinscher: Temperament

The Affenpinscher is a devoted dog, all of its attention and dedication are directed to its owner. This breed has a sweet, tender temperament and they are very energetic. Moreover, even if they are a small breed, they have a determined temperament, a guardian instinct and an outstandingly protective nature.

Affenpinschers are very smart dogs; they are very active and playful as they have a hunting nature. Even though they are small and they dedicate their life to be a companion for their owners, they have a natural instinct to hunt small animals and rodents.

Their hunting instinct becomes stronger when they are in the countryside or in rural contexts, where they are fully in contact with nature. The Affenpinscher, in an urban context, is an excellent partner to take everywhere, because it loves to be a good company.

They will follow you wherever you go in the house, either to ask you for a walk or just to get some attention. Their hunting instincts make them good guardian dogs, always attentive and alert. If they hear an unfamiliar noise, they will inform their owner without hesitating, but they are never aggressive.

Affenpinscher: Life style

Affenpinschers are very sweet, they have a very close relationship with their owner and they dedicate their life to them. As we mentioned before, during puppyhood, they become very attached to their family. Their small size makes them adaptable to an urban or countryside context. Their love to discover new things and inner curiosity make them the perfect pet dog to take with us everywhere.

This little dog loves good walks; it has a hunting instinct, curious nose and is always seeking for something. Even if the Affenpinscher is accurately classified as a companion dog, its olfactory abilities and its complete dedication to its owner makes it an excellent guardian dog.

Even when the Affenpinscher has so many qualities and good characteristics, it is not very popular in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland or South Africa.

Affenpinscher: Health

The eyes could be a weak point for Affenpinschers. In fact, the attention, care and hygiene of this breed must be a priority for its owner, who must take extra attention and special care to prevent the puppies from suffering. Moreover, the owner must have the long hair that grows on the muzzle under control as it might provoke excessive tearing.

It is important and essential to brush them daily removing the superfluous hair and avoiding knots, as we said before their hair is quite long. For more information you can read our section: How to look after dog’s hair.

Affenpinscher: Relationship With The Owner

An ideal owner for the Affenpinscher, should have a loving family, and must give back the same care and affection that this little animal is able to give. Affenpinschers are loving and cheerful dogs that would adapt to a household with children.

The Affenpinscher is a reliable dog, and although it is an excellent guardian dog, it is never aggressive, and have a well-balanced and affectionate relationship with its families.

They need an attentive owner who takes care of their hygiene, because their eyes are very sensitive. Owners should also be careful with grooming; if they are not well taken care of, they could suffer enormously.

The Affenpinscher loves walks in the city and in the countryside, where its hunting instincts can flow freely. Its small size can make it get tired easily, but also make it the ideal pet dog for an apartment. Regardless of its lively temperament, it can rest happily with its owner on the couch after a long walk, sharing its unconditional love and companion.

Affenpinschers are helpful little bodyguards, although they are small in size, they are not afraid of anything and can always warn you when they hear unfamiliar noises.

Affenpinscher: Relationship With Children

Affenpinschers are caring and kind-natured, making them the perfect pet dog for a house with kids. They are the center of attention for little children and also always protect them from potential dangers.

Affenpinscher: Puppies For Sale and Price

An Affenpinscher puppy can cost above 1300 dollars, or 1100 English pounds. We advise to acquire your puppy only in an authorized and certified breeding establishment, where they can provide the official pedigree certificate.

You can find registered and specialized breeders in the US, Canada and UK, but also with a little patience in your search, you can get your puppy in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, India and South Africa.

When you adopt a puppy, a reliable breeder provides you with an official veterinarian certificate, in which it is formally stipulated that the animal is in perfect health and dewormed.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new 4-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.

Affenpinscher: Curiosities

The name is derived from the German Affe, which means monkey. In various aspects the Affenpinscher resembles this animal, from its funny expressions to its rough coat.

Their hair is very peculiar; they have eyebrows and a bushy beard; and also a funny little lock of hair on the top of their heads. All of these unmistakable characteristics are essential to this breed.

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