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Afghan Hound is a symbol of elegance and refinement. It is one of the most “aristocratic” dogs seen from every angle.

The Afghan Hound is considered a basal breed, as in one of the oldest known to us. Today’s specimens are the descendants of a breed introduced in Britain during the 1920s. The King Amanullah, from the Afghan Royal Family, used to give them as presents to the highest in the power chain. They were generally used for hunting and as guardian dogs.

Afghan Hound: Origins

The breed originated in Central Asia. And it has migrated throughout the years to Iran’s region where people began to call it “Tazi”, meaning “arab”. There is a legend of two Afghan Hound specimens that were on Noah’s Ark.

In Afghanistán there are, at least, 13 different kinds of Afghan Hound. Some of them are evolving to gradually newer variants.

One of the most famous Afghan Hounds was Zardin, brought by Captain Bariff in 1907 from India. Zardin became the breed standard of what back then, they called the Persian Hound.

Due to its charming looks, the Afghan Hound frequently shows up on the news, movies such as 101 Dalmatians or Balto. They also have a place on magazine’s covers and pages of the most acclaimed fashion magazines.

The Afghan Hound was the first dog to be cloned in history, in 2005, by the Korean scientist Hwan Woo-Suk. They called him Snuppy.

Afghan Hound: Characteristics

An afghan Hound is easy to recognize. Its elegance has made it very popular among breeds who look distinguished and by how expensive they are, so their owners seek “luxurydogs.

It is an elite dog by excellence and of ancient origins. It has a very particular character, it is loyal and caring but sometimes it is also arrogant. Let’s say it is a companionship dog as well as a “catwalk” show dog. An Afghan Hound knows how to deliver showmanship in dog’s beauty pageants.

An afghan Hound has a large and soft fur which makes quite a sight to behold. It is certainly a dog that will not go unnoticed. Besides, like any other english Hound, one of its undoubtedly physical features is its extraordinary speed sometimes used on amateur races.

About size, males’ height ranges between 25 and 30 inches (64-74cm) and females’ height ranges between 23 and 27 inches (61-69 cm). Weight for females starts at 44 lb (20kg) and males can go up to 75 lb (34 kg). Their weight is relative to their height due to a very low level of body fat which is a quite typical feature on Sighthounds.

This dog requires responsible upkeep, its fur has to be brushed everyday and it needs 2 to 3 professional haircuts every year.

Afghan Hound: Temperament

When it comes to character, an Afghan Hound can be sweet and warm, very quiet and discreet. Sometimes it shows its royalty features with a proud attitude.

For example, it does not answer to commands which would lead to think it is not a smart breed. On the contrary, an Afghan Hound is just too sophisticated and will simply choose what to do and when to do it.

It can come off as pretentious, because they generally consider others as small. So they can behave as cats do, it is a bit of a “snob”.

In some cases, if a stranger was to command him loudly, they might answer with a growl. But they develop a close loving and honest relationship with their owner. And they are willing to do anything for them.

As far as cohabitation goes, sharing a space with other pets requires a lot of care. It is not an easy dog with cats for example, because their hunting instinct might prevail.

The opposite occurs when it comes to their owner, an Afghan Hound will always look to spend time with him, take long walks and so on. It has excellent qualities which must be stimulated and encouraged.

Afghan Hound: Care

Due to its “kinship” among dogs, it needs a lot of time with their owner. It is a dog that adapts to a life inside an apartment, as long as this life includes many walks a day. His ideal space remains a house with a backyard.

Nowadays, an Afghan Hound is specially used as a companion dog, even though it is a hard to train breed. This is a consequence of a congenital lack of interest in memories. But we can say they know how to love their owner each and every day.

Its beauty makes it the perfect dog for shows, or any canine contest where dogs like these are never missed.

Despite its glooming elegance and proud character, it is a dog who loves to run and maintains its style to perfection even when it is galloping. It is a dog which can be used for amateur races, on the track, but also performs beautifully at hare hunting and it is very popular for it.

Afghan Hound: Health

Purebreds live up to 12 years on average which is the standard life expectancy for giant size breeds. It is a healthy breed but it has a particular sensitivity to anesthesia (due to very low body fat) and an overall predisposition to allergies.

Their large ears can frequently land on their mouths. This is why their owners cover the dog’s head with a hoodie to keep it from happening.

Among other diseases which can affect an Afghan Hound more frequently than other dogs, they can suffer from Chylothorax (a condition caused by a buildup of lymph fluid in the chest cavity).

Afgan Hound: Relationship with its owner

The perfect Afghan Hound owner must be willing to dedicate a lot of time to its beloved high maintenance dog. Its hair demands constant grooming, and, since it is an “aristocratic” pup the Afghan Hound does not like to be ignored or overlooked. If this happens, it may develop particularly stubborn and alpha dog-like attitudes.

If its owner knows how to dedicate time to its four-legged friend, this dog will give back lots of love and affection, although unfortunately this does not always equal obedience.

Nevertheless this is a sensitive breed and must be treated as such, fulfilling all its needs.

Afghan Hound: Relationship with Kids

An afghan Hound can socialize with kids in its family and other kids in general, as if they were members of their hound. It can play with them for a long time, and their natural interest in running makes them an ideal companion for the little ones in the house, who also enjoy running around outside.

Precisely because an Afghan Hound requires time and attention, they never grow tired from pampering, love and affection. They can develop a strong bond with each member of their family.

Nevertheless, an Afghan Hound does not hide its indifference toward strangers, which often extends to children that do not belong to its family.

Afghan Hound: Relationship with Other Dogs

An Afghan Hound is not particularly interested in offering their friendship to the first one they come across and this includes both humans and other dogs as well.

In order for Afghan Hounds to play with other dogs, they need to know them well and build a solid bond. But generally, it is the new dog friend that grows tired of playing with an Afghan Hound because when racing, they are really hard to keep up with.

To prevent socialization issues it is necessary to train them from puppyhood with dedication and patience to avoid problems during the dog’s adult years.

Be careful with animals that are not dogs and live in the same house, especially if they are small, like cats. The Afghan Hound’s natural tendency to hunt does not make living together better.

Afghan Hound: Price, Breeds, and Puppies For Sale

It is not strange that, given its royal-like features, the Afghan Hound is very expensive and their registered breeders do a formidable job.

Above all, oyster and nascar-colored Afghan Hounds go up to many thousands dollars, even 5500 dollars, which is around 5000 English pounds. In general, for a Afghan Hound puppy you cannot pay less than 3000 dollars or 2500 English pounds.

An Afghan Hound is a very rare dog, an “elitist” dog on every layer. There are Afghan Hound breeders in the United States, Canada, England, Australia. You may also find your puppy in Ireland, South Africa, India and New Zealand.

Our advice is to meet with registered and renowned breeders in order to choose the best specimen. Make sure it is not defective and distinguished by their beauty and character.

Since it is a very expensive dog, prioritize being sure on your purchase and keep away from buying dogs from dubious origins.

Now that we have cleared the most important aspects, you can now go and find your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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