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The Beauceron, also known as Beauce Shepherd, Bas Rouge or Berger de Beauce is a dog with many qualities, let’s see them…

“They possess without beauty without vanity, strength without insolence and courage without ferocity”, this has been said by Arthur Schopenhauer about the Beauceron. These are all mankind virtues without the defects. While the great writer Collete referred to it as a “rural gentleman“, due to its pride, and nobility with which it herds and controls its flock and its household.

Nowadays in France, it is very popular as a police dog. As all sheepdogs, it needs lots of exercise and to have a purpose. Training and physical activity reinforce its character and balance.

It is a herder dog that certainly is not fit for everybody since it has a rather strong personality. If it is well trained, it is very loyal, protective, and affectionate (especially with the children it loves so much). It needs an owner with a calm but determined character, that knows how to give stability and that behaves like a leader, the guide it needs. Strong manners with it do not work at all. Furthermore, if it is mistreated, it will pay back with the same kind of behavior.

The Beauceron obeys out of love and not on command. It is a strong and confident dog, very independent, and is not willing to obey orders. But once you manage to get to it, all the commitment and patience you have deposited on it will be rewarded with limitless love.

This is a special dog, that always puts its owner to the test, but it also provides endless satisfaction, if this dog is allowed to conquer its family with its countless qualities.

The Beauceron, Beauce Shepherd, or Beauceron dog, is a canine breed that originated in France recognized by the FCI and the AKC.

Beauceron: Origins

As regards its origins, it seems that just as other large-sized herder dogs, it comes from the Canis Familiaris Palustris, whose fossil remains were found in the swamps of the French Jura. Since the Middle Ages, a dog with a dark coat and that looked like a wolf was known, it was used by French countrymen as guard dogs for property and cattle.

Historians disagree on two assumptions: the Beauceron and the Briard might be “brothers”.

  1. Some argue that contrary to what the official name says, the Berger de Beauce (Beauceron dog or Bas Rouge) was not born in Beauce, since the Briard is not originally from Brie. They argue that these names were adopted at the end of the last century because these allowed people to easily distinguish 2 dogs that derived from the same original group. Different in shape and coat, one with rather long hair and the other shorter, these 2 varieties might have developed to satisfy different needs.
  2. Others argue that the Beauceron comes from the old province of Beauce, which includes the plains of Chantres, limited by the Seine river and the Loire, in the South of Paris. And that initially they might have been born in the same puppy litter, some with long hair and others with semi-long or almost short hair. In 1863 Pierre Megnin, a canine expert, made a distinction between short and long-haired specimens, hence defining 2 different breeds:

Of what we are sure is that the short-haired variety started to be bred since the year 1867. With the definition of the standard it acquired its present physical appearance, more refined than in the past.

It was born as a guardian and a defense dog. Besides, during the First World War, the Beauceron was used, thanks to its courage, like a search dog to find the wounded, like a towing dog, and as a sentinel dog.

Once its many abilities were discovered, in France it became an outstanding dog of many uses. The Beauceron is very popular all around France, so much that it is considered the second French national breed. Today, it is also used as a police dog. The first breed club, called Club Amis Du Beauceron, was born in 1911. The breed scattered in Belgium, Sweden, and Germany. In Canada, England, India, and South Africa until a few decades ago it was practically unknown, but now it is increasingly spreading.

Beauceron Dog: Physical Appearance

The Beauceron is a medium-to-large dog, solid, rustic, powerful, well built, and muscular, without being too heavy. The length of the body must be slightly bigger than its height. The head is 2/5 of the height at the withers, it is well defined with harmonious lines and it must be proportional to the body. The cranium and the nasal bridge are equally long. The cranium is flat or slightly round. The stand is not too pronounced. The snout is always black and it is well developed in relation to the mouth, which is not too narrow or pointy.

The shape of the Beauceron’s eyes is more or less horizontal, with a slightly oval shape. They are always dark or light brown. The ears are lifted. If these are cut, they are always erect, otherwise, they are flat and short. They reach half the length of the head. The neck is muscular and the back is straight, with the croup slightly bent. The tail is low, long, and it forms a little hook in the top. When it moves it can be higher than the superior line.

The Beauceron dog’s trot is agile and loose, with aligned extremities. Its trot is long with a good range of movement. As for size, the height is around 25-28 inches (65-70 cm) for males and 24-27 (61-68 cm) for females.

Beauceron Dog: Coat

The hair is short, robust, firm, and stuck to the body. The inner layer is short, fine, dense, and soft. It is usually dark grey and is not seen through the coat´s hair. Permitted colors by the standard are 2:

  • Black and fire (black with tawny markings)
  • Harlequin (blackbird blue with tawny markings)

Black and fire is also known as Bas rouge. It has a strong black color with fire-colored markings, fire color has to be squirrel red. The fire color must be around the eyes, below the mouth, underneath the throat, under the tail, and in the paws. The harlequin color, on the other side, is grey and black with fire-colored spots.

Beauceron Dog: Temperament

The standard defines it as a dog of many qualities. Beaucerons are smart, tireless. They have a great personality and sensibility, devout and sincere, proud and courageous, but without being impulsive, balanced, and with great adaptation skills.

All of this is true, yes. But with the Beauceron Dog, loyalty, affection, confidence and obedience are not overlooked. These are qualities that must be conquered, always and continually. If you succeed, then yes. You will never be able to stop loving this wonderful dog.

The Beauceron always seems serious, even when it is being mischievous, which happens quite often. This is a dog that has a rather strong personality and is always putting its owner to the test since it is a puppy. If you are a person with surly manners, bear in mind that this does not work with it.

This dog needs someone who respects it, a reliable guide, consistent, and capable to convey calmness. This is the only way to know this dog and all its splendid qualities.

Beauceron Dog: Relationship with Kids

When it decides to grant you its trust, it gives itself completely, without any reservations, and is always willing to do anything to make its family happy. With children it is very sweet, when it is with a kid it leaves all its superiority aside and becomes extremely affectionate. Even with other domestic pets in its family, but the same cannot be said of other animals it does not know.

The Beauceron is a dog with a strong and firm personality. It is practical, independent, and is not willing to worry. Nevertheless, when in “decides” it wants to be cuddled then it has affection “outbursts” that make our hearts beat really fast. Besides, it cannot bear to be neglected. You will have to be extremely patient since it is not particularly good at obeying orders. The French say that with this dog breed one needs to have an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Beauceron Dog: Price, and Puppies for Sale

If you decide to adopt a Beauceron Dog, you must know that it is not a dog fit for an apartment, and that, even if you have a guarden, unless it is really big, this dog will require a lot if exercise.

It is a working dog and is always doing some kind of activity. Walks must be long and frequent. It does not tolerate short walks. It loves to run next to its owner, and besides, it likes to go hiking in the mountains.

It is a dog that needs to release its energy, and, if you do not provide that opportunity, you run the risk of causing that it does it on its own, breaking stuff around the house and getting sad. This dog is an athlete and it loves all sports, or almost all. It is perfect for agility.

In the US and England, there are several breeders, its initial cost may start at 900 dollars or 700 English pounds. With patience, you will also find your puppy in Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, etc.

Now that we have cleared the most important aspects, you can go and find your new 4-legged friend who is surely waiting for you.

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