Beauty Treatments and Alternative Medicine for Dogs



These are ways in which you can pamper your dog and cover all its basic hygiene and cleanliness needs.

Every year, the tools to take care for your pets evolve. In the past, nobody would have thought about hospitals for dogs, hotels, or even spas. Nowadays, more people provide their pets with the same care and luxury they give themselves; it may be said that our behavior towards our four-legged friends is more human-like.

In this article we will go in detail about the basic hygiene and care needs that your pet should have, as well as other more sophisticated treatments.

Basic Care

To make sure our furry friend is clean and healthy, we will give you some tips on routine care that you can provide at home:

  • Brushing: make sure to find the appropriate time to brush your pet, and make it a pleasant experience for both of you. Regular brushing prevents tangling, removes dead skin and keeps your dog clean for longer. It will be the perfect time to check its skin health and whether it has fleas and ticks.
  • Bathe: how often you should bathe your dog depends on numerous elements: type of hair, place where the dog lives and the activities it does. In general, you can bathe your pet every 30 or 60 days. As we previously said, brushing helps your dog to stay clean. Bear in mind, that you have to use the right shampoo and hair conditioner according to your dog’s hair, a vet can advise you on the type and brand you should buy.
  • Nail trimming: Ideally, your pet should be accustomed to having its paws touched and the nails trimmed, so the dog will not experience stress and you will avoid accidents. Sedentary dogs have longer nails than active dogs because the rubbing during exercise naturally wears off their nails. Before trimming your dog’s nails for the first time, ask your vet about the appropriate techniques and tools needed.
  • Nutrition: A good quality meal with all the nutrients and supplements that your pet requires will improve its health, and you will see the results on its skin and hair. Do not forget that different breeds require a different amount and type of food. Ask a professional about this issue.
  • Dogs with distinctive characteristics: Some breeds like Shar-Pei or Pug have wrinkles, so, in order to kill bacteria and prevent fungal infections in their skin, cleanliness is essential. If your dog has long ears you should check them and clean them regularly to prevent infections.

Dog Grooming

When you go to a dog grooming salon, your dog will be around other dogs and it may catch a disease if it does not have the required vaccines.

We advise you to take your dog to grooming centers while they are young so they get used to socializing with other dogs and do not feel anxiety or stress.

Beauty Treatments

Treatments commonly asked in dog grooming salons are haircuts and baths. If your dog has long hair, you may ask for a haircut typical of a breed, like the Poodle or the Yorkshire Terrier.

Some owners chose extravagant haircuts for their pets. Usually, this happens in the Asiatic continent, but most people choose conventional haircuts.

Sometimes, owners request coloring their dog’s hair, we do not recommend this type of beauty treatment because it may harm your pet’s health and it may even cause allergies.

Other treatments requested on dog grooming salons include:

Aromatherapy for dogs

Aromatherapy with essential oils is used for dogs to reduce stress, induce relaxation and relieve congestions. It is recommended for dogs having breathing conditions.

Therapy with aromas is efficient, simple and safe for animals. It is an alternative healing method that helps pets who suffer from depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, aggressive behaviors, emotional attachment and other behaviors that hinder their normal socialization.

Ozone Therapy for Dogs

Ozone Therapy uses ozone as a medical therapeutic resource which has proved beneficial for the system.

This treatment strengthens the immune system, improves the metabolism of oxygen, relieves pain, decreases inflammation and has powerful antimicrobial properties. It does not have side-effects nor it is toxic.

It can be used in dogs with allergies, muscle injuries or bone fractures. This treatment is also suitable for cats, horses and birds.

Dogs Spa

Dog spas have gained popularity over the last years and they provide beauty treatments and relieve stress.

These facilities may offer several activities for your pet, either recreational or physical. There are also bath sessions and individual massages, and a beauty area.

Spas have vets, canine groomers and professional trainers so you can leave your pet for the day. You must remember that to access these places, your dog should have basic social skills and be properly trained.

Spas have many benefits, not only will your dog be able to relax and break the habit, it will also socialize with other dogs. It will be like a short vacation for your four-legged friend. You should follow these tips, what are you waiting for? Your four legged friend will love it!

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