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The Belgian Sheepdog is perfect for those who want both a guard dog and a companion dog: Let’s get to know all its characteristics…

The Belgian Sheepdog, also known as Belgian Groenendael, is a dog that, as its name suggests, was originally used as a herding dog, especially for herding sheep. It comes from northeastern Europe, an area with a high density of pastures.

Its ancestors are the same as those of the German Shepherd. Breeding started in 1891 when a group of veterinary scholars began the crossing process, which ended three years later after the first breed standard was created, marking the Belgian Sheepdog’s birth.

It was not easy to determine which Belgian Sheepdog varieties would be included in the standard. The decision was full of controversies that continue to this day. The Belgian Sheepdog is one of four varieties of shepherd dogs. The four varieties are:

  • Belgian Groenendael
  • Belgian Laekenois
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Belgian Tervuren

These four types of shepherd dogs are similar to each other, and they differ only in size, length, coating texture and color.

Belgian Sheepdog: Temperament

Those who have already known this breed will probably be aware that its vitality is one of the most important aspects of its temperament. It is considered a sporting dog because of its elegant and muscular build.

Its intelligence and highly developed sense of smell led it to be used by the police to find drugs, trace of missing persons, or in buried landslides. It is also used as a guide dog for the blind.

The Belgian Sheepdog is a loving dog: it wants and needs to be petted a lot. It is very attached to its owner, whom it defends no matter what, a fact that made it be labeled as aggressive.

Belgian Sheepdog: Training

Their impulsive nature can be controlled by training from puppyhood and constant supervision.

This makes the Belgian Sheepdog a great watchdog. It has a strong spirit of initiative. When the Belgian Sheepdog is on guard, it spares no one, not even the people it knows by sight. When night falls, the territory it controls becomes inaccessible.

The Belgian Sheepdog is very sensitive, so you must be careful not to treat it too harshly, as it reacts immediately to stimuli and could become hostile.

The four-legged herding dog’s origin makes it a breed particularly suitable for living in open spaces: Its vitality causes it to need to burn off energy and run in fields or backyards. Doing a lot of exercises is a must for this breed.

The Belgian Sheepdog can live both indoors and outdoors in the backyard, but it is definitely not a dog for apartment life if you don’t plan to take it out for walks several times a day. Being cooped up indoors for several hours could make it nervous. Besides, going for a walk could be a healthy activity for both owner and dog. You can now find pet accessories in stores to play with it on walks. You can also make it run on the grass and release the dog’s stress.

The Belgian Sheepdog likes to be part of his owner’s daily life. It needs to be loved and involved. It enjoys participating in the day-to-day activities of its family, accompanying them inside the house. This breed has a solid build, it can live well both indoors and outdoors, as its coat is able to withstand low temperatures.

Belgium Sheepdog: The Perfect Guard Dog

This breed of dog was originally used to herd and guard livestock. Today it is also known as one of the best guard dogs. The Belgian Sheepdog is perfect for this role thanks to its ability, vitality, and the fact that it is a sporting dog. Although it needs its owner’s closeness, it is unwilling to allow anyone to approach near its territory when night falls.

This breed has a very strong character, so training it from puppyhood could be a way for the owner to have authority over it.

Belgium Sheepdog: Relationship with Its Owner

The ideal owner is surely the one who knows how to satisfy his four-legged friend’s need for attention by pampering it and including it in his life 100%. This dog is very jealous of its owner; sometimes, an almost unhealthy bond is created as a result.

The Belgian Sheepdog is a faithful and obedient dog that can be quite territorial, making him a perfect guard for his family. It recognizes only one authoritative figure, which means that only its owner can command it.

Belgium Sheepdog: Relationship with Children

The Belgian Shepherd is a cheerful and friendly dog; it loves playing with all family members, especially children. Besides, it will defend and protect its family jealously against strangers.

Its need to feel loved makes it want to be included in family activities from puppyhood. If you include this dog in your daily life, it will also become a great babysitter for your children. They are very attentive dogs. Children could become perfect playmates.

Belgium Sheepdog: Relationship with Other Dogs

It is important to mention that the Belgian Sheepdog gets used to being with other dogs from puppyhood as it needs to socialize. This will help it not to become extremely shy and sensitive.

It has no problem living with other dogs, as it considers them part of the family. Thanks to its genetic background as a sheepdog, it is used to large families or cattle.

Due to its sporting attitudes and predisposition to alertness, this dog has an impulsive nature. Its agility allows it to change direction quickly when moving at full speed.

It tends to move often in a circle around what it wants to protect. It sometimes bites at the ankles. It is a genetic inheritance of the herding dog since it is meant to keep the livestock together.

Belgium Sheepdog: Puppies For Sale, and Price

This dog does not need any special attention or care. You just have to fulfill its daily exercise quota and brush it once a week. Its price ranges from 800 to 1000 dollars, about 700-900 English pounds, or more. The price will also vary according to the variety of Belgian Sheepdog you choose.

Several establishments could have the dog you are looking for.

Now that we have clarified all the most important aspects, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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