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Let’s get to know the Berger Picard, also known as the Picardy Sheepdog.

The Berger Picard is a French dog that is characterized by its griffon-like appearance. It has a long, harsh, and crisp coat to the touch. It is also a “tough guy” when it comes to defending its family or territory. If your Berger Picard is well trained, it is a highly obedient, loyal, and loving dog.

This breed is also an excellent playmate for children, with whom it is friendly and very patient. Well-balanced, this dog is known for its iron health and great intelligence, it always looks cheerful and alert.

Although the Picardy Sheepdog was born to herd, today it is used as a companion dog. Although it is not the ideal breed to live in an apartment, it can adapt to it easily as long as it has the possibility to exercise every day, as it is a real sporty dog.

This breed, which after World War II was threatened with extinction, is still almost completely unknown outside France. It is bred especially in the French region of Picardy, from which it takes its name. However, specimens may be also found in Benelux and northern Germany.

Berger Picard: Origins and Use

The Berger Picard is a French dog breed recognized by the AKC and the FCI. This breed is known by several names: Berger Picard, Picardy Shepherd or Sheepdog.

Although no one is completely sure of its origins, many people believe that the Berger Picard is the oldest shepherd breed in France. Some experts suggest that the Berger Picard arrived in France in the 9th century, after the Celts, and others consider it to be among the dogs that contributed to the creation of the Bouvier des Flandres.

Since it was always bred in Picardy, France, it is almost completely unknown outside this country. It has always been mainly used as a sheep dog to control livestock.

This breed participated in a dog show for the first time in 1899, but it was not judged on that occasion. Its first standard was drafted in 1912, but it was not until 1925 that the French Shepherd Dog Club made the breed official. As mentioned above, after World War II it was in danger of extinction and, from the remaining specimens, it was recovered in 1953.

Today, the Berger Picard is primarily a watchdog and companion dog. Two roles that suit it very well. This breed’s enthusiasts praise its temperament, intelligence, and the security it conveys. In addition, thanks to all its qualities, it is used for Civil Protection.

Berger Picard: Physical Characteristics

The Berger Picard is a medium-sized dog:

  • Males are 23-25 inches (60-64 cm) tall.
  • Females are 22-23 inches (55-60 cm) tall.

They may weigh between 44 and 57 lbs (20-26 kg).

Females are generally slightly longer than males. The Berger Picard’s head is well proportioned to the rest of the body, with a broad skull and a powerful muzzle. The muzzle is generally black. It also has a moustache and a very nice beard. Its big eyes are oval in shape and dark in color.

The raised ears are large and broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. The neck is long, muscular, and strong. The chest is deep, and the back is straight. The limbs are strong and solid. The tail is long and curved at the tip.

The coat of the Berger Picard is harsh and of medium length (1-2 inches). It is not fringed, but not flat either, and is particularly resistant to harsh weather. While it is not fringed, it is not flat either. In addition, it is resistant to weathering. The undercoat is fine and abundant.

The coat colors can be:

  • Gray
  • Gray-blue
  • Gray-black
  • Gray-red
  • Light and dark fawn

The Berger Picardy is a solid, rustic, and well-built dog, without being too heavy. It has a springy, loose gait. It is a dog that always looks elegant, both when standing and in motion. It has a lively and alert expression, characterized by its griffon-like appearance.

Berger Picard: Health

It stands out for its iron health. If you have one of these, you should pay attention to its teeth and take care of its coat.

The Berger Picard is not an apartment dog, but it easily adapts to living in such an urban context, as long as it has the possibility to go out and walk in the open air every day.

Berger Picard: Temperament

The Berger Picard is an energetic and courageous dog. He can be a little restless, but this characteristic can be controlled with proper training. It needs a strict and consistent owner. It should not be subdued with violence during training. Rewarding it with affection does not mean being firm.

This sporty dog adapts to every situation. This breed is full of energy. What is more, it loves being in the water. This is an excellent companion dog and lives happily with its family. It has no problems with children, to whom it proves to be extremely kind and patient. If trained from puppyhood, it also gets along well with other animals.

The Berger Picard is loving and loyal to its owner. Although it is known for being gentle and well-balanced, it is a different story with strangers. However, in comparison to other sheepdogs, the Picardy Shepherd is much calmer and more reliable. It always acts with great lucidity and without nervousness.

Berger Picard: Price, Breeders, and Puppies for Sale

It can be very difficult to find a puppy of this breed in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Being a scarce breed, the cost of a Berger Picard puppy with pedigree from a respected breeder may easily exceed 1200 dollars, or 900 English pounds.

If you buy a dog like this, you must take good care of it and love it very much. Please, remember not to turn it into a couch dog! It needs to be outdoors and run daily.

Now that we have clarified all the most important aspects, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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