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The Borador is an elegant dog with an enchanting personality, let’s find out more!

The Borador is a canine breed, not yet recognized by the FCI. Also known as Border Collie Lab Mix, it is a crossbreed of the Border Collie and the Labrador Retriever. It came into existence in North America and it is still not widely known. To get a better grasp at it, it has traits of its parents, inheriting a great combination of both.

Physically, its build is more structured than the Labrador, but less stout. Its appearance is decidedly more agile, a characteristic inherited from the Border Collie. Its hair may be short or medium-length, generally black, but also brown.

The Borador is a lively and full of energy dog. Daily exercise is key for this breed. It is also very balanced and smart, loyal and happy to please its owner. These characteristics have made it an excellent companion dog, but also a skillful dog to find drugs. It is also great as a guide dog for disabled people.

With its owner and family, the Borador is loving and playful. It loves to be the center of attention and to be pampered, and it gives all that love back. It is not aggressive at all, not even with strangers or other dogs, and it is an excellent playtime partner for children. It needs an active owner that forces it to do a lot of exercise. The Borador will have an awesome time jogging, hiking, playing catch or Frisbee.

Borador: History

The Borador is a little-known dog breed, and not yet recognized as a true and proper breed. It is only recognized in the US by some Associations, like the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC). Since it is considered a hybrid breed, the American Kennel Club does not recognize it.

Its name derives from merging both parent breeds, the Bor/der Collie and the Labr/ador Retriever, hence “Borador”. This dog breed originated in North America, and is known for being fantastic as an aid to the police, searching drugs, but also in search and rescue missions. They are also used as guide dogs for visually-impaired or disabled people. To understand this breed better, it is necessary to learn more about the parents that make up this breed.

  1. The Border Collie is vigilant, intelligent and active. It must always be busy, otherwise it gets bored and may become destructive. It is not the typical companion dog, with whom you can relax. It remains to be one the best shepherd dogs at present. It needs to be socialized since puppyhood to prevent it from becoming shy or aggressive.
  2. The Labrador Retriever along the years has proven to be a valuable aid to the army and the police. It is also an excellent help to people with special needs. It is an affectionate, smart and obliging dog. It becomes really attached to its owner; it is exuberant and demands training to contain all its energy.

These traits give us an idea of the kind of dog we are dealing with when we talk about the Borador.

Borador: Temperament

The Borador is lively, intelligent, and loyal. It is extremely active and loving, it loves to be around people, very fond of being pampered, loving back enthusiastically and affectionately. It has a calm and friendly temperament, both with other dogs and with strangers. It also is an excellent companion dog for children.

The Borador is not a biting dog, but this high-energy breed requires long walks during the day, or other physical activities, otherwise it might become stressed or uneasy. It is an expert swimmer and an excellent Agility dog.

Its tail is always moving, a distinctive trait of its energized character. It shows a curious and loyal nature, especially with its family, it follows them everywhere in the house, because it loves to be the center of attention.

It can be an excellent herding dog, but, as we mentioned before, the police often use this breed for search and rescue missions, as well as a guide dog. The Borador is also a good guard dog, always alert, and it only barks if there is a real reason to do it. Due to its constant need to be moving, it is not suitable to live in an apartment.

Borador: Training and Movement

This is an awesome fitness partner, if you love sports. With a Borador, you can enjoy jogging, hiking, playing Frisbee and Fetch. It loves to swim, since it is not afraid of water and a great swimmer. It has so much energy, so it demands lots of exercise during the day. It is a smart dog, so it needs stimulating activities.

The Borador is extremely easy to train, thanks to its intelligence and constant disposition to do something. It loves positive reinforcement and to be praised, which is great for the trainer who must show patience, perseverance and affection towards it. Occasionally, the Borador may inherit a bit of the Border Collie’s stubborn side, but it is generally easy to curb this behavior with positive reinforcement. It is a fast-learning dog.

Borador: Characteristics

The Borador is a medium-size dog breed, weighing around 44 and 66 lb. Its build is similar to the Labrador, though it seems less stout and agile (a trait of the Border Collie). Its head is reminiscent of the Labrador’s, without its square shape. Its forehead is wide, stretching towards the snout and ends with a pointy nose. Its eyes are round and dark.

The Borador may have short to medium-length hair, with webbed feet and ears like the Labrador’s, triangular and hanging. Its coat is generally shiny black or brown with a white spot in the center of its chest. It is a stout and generally healthy dog. Its life expectancy is around 12 to 15 years. It is prone to gain weight if overfed, so extra care is needed when choosing a diet, since it might lose agility and present health issues.

With respect to potential diseases, we should look into those conditions affecting its parents. These include hip dysplasia and eye conditions.

Borador: Price and Puppies For Sale

A puppy Borador may cost around 1100 dollars, or 1000 English pounds. It is difficult to find it and buy it at a good price.

Our advice is to always find a specialized breeder, even a foreign one, instead of a private internet purchase. A trustworthy breeder will ensure your puppy has been:

  • Bred to have good health and temperament;
  • Well-selected (its parents were chosen without any genetic diseases);
  • Duly socialized, so it is not too fearful or aggressive;
  • Vaccinated and well taken care of.

Besides, if you adopt a puppy, a trustworthy breeder will give you a veterinary certificate, specifying the animal has been dewormed and is completely healthy when delivered.

Now that all the main aspects have been clarified, you can go on and find your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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