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The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the World and probably the oldest one.

The Chihuahua, also known as Chihuahueño in Spanish, exists since the times of the Aztec Empire, its origins are uncertain to this day. There are some beliefs that the Chihuahua’s skull shape allowed it to be in contact with the Gods. Such belief gives this dog breed a mystical and spiritual dimension.

This dog has a lot of history and probably is the oldest dog breed on the planet, besides it is the smallest one, its weight can be between 3-6.5 lb. (1.5-3 kg.). Despite its size, the Chihuahua is a strong long-lived dog with excellent health.

The Chihuahua is a companion dog that has a strong personality. This little friend is brave, determined and independent. It is not very sociable with strangers or other dogs, unless they are of its same dog breed. But if you make it socialize since puppyhood this dog could have a quiet and pacific temperament.

You must be careful with little children, no because this dog could hurt them but exactly the opposite, the kids could harm our tiny friend. Probably a strong hug or letting the dog fall down might cause severe injuries. On the other hand, this dog is cunning, affectionate and loves to be spoiled. Actually, it is quite difficult to say “no” to its cute little face.

It is easy to handle this small fluffy friend, you can take it wherever you go, but you should know that if you carry the dog in your arms, it would never walk willingly by itself. We could say it is a characteristic of this dog breed; it loves to be in its owner’s arms. The Chihuahua is a dog that is attached to its family but will recognize and have a strong bond with one owner.

Chihuahua: Origins

The Chihuahua is the oldest and smallest dog breed in the World and it is named after a Mexican province. As we said before, the Chihuahua’s origins are uncertain, but many people believe that this dog breed has existed since the Aztec civilization.

We can say that the Chihuahua spread throughout Europe, Australia and North America by the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, it is a remarkably successful dog breed and it is considered one of the most popular and widespread around the World.

Today, it is on the list of the 12 most bred dogs in the World. There are two types of Chihuahua and we can differentiate them by their coat: which can be long or short. It is not correct to categorize Chihuahuas by their size, such as toy, miniature, or others. The difference based on their weight, could be of 3-6.5 lb. (1.5-3 kg.), but it is the same specimen.

Chihuahua: Physical Characteristics

The Chihuahua, as we mentioned before, is the smallest dog breed in the planet, however its body is compact, robust and strong. The head looks like an apple, and it has dark-colored bulging big eyes that are quite separated from each other. These characteristics make the Chihuahua look surprised, alert and awake. The ears are in a low position in the head; they are big and straight but with rounded points.

The muzzle is short with a medium-sized nose and does not have a determined color. If you look at a Chihuahua’s profile, you can see that it keeps a straight line, wider on the bottom and sharp on the tip of the nose with big and opened nostrils. The neck is not long but is strong, and the body is compact and well-structured. Finally, the tail is middle-length and rises forming a semicircle.

The long-haired Chihuahua has an adorable lock of hair that points up on the top of its head. It can be 8 inches high (16 to 22 cm) and its weight can be 3-6.5 lb. (1.5-3 kg.).

The back legs are the strongest; they are long and give to the dog a light and agile gait; the front legs are also strong and straight. Females Chihuahuas have a longer structure than the males, but these last ones are more square-shaped. The coat is very soft and thin.

We Can Distinguish Two Types of Chihuahuas, Based on the Length of Their Coats:

  • Long-haired Chihuahua: the coat is long, silky and it can be wavy. Also, this variety has folded ears and a lot of hair on the neck and tail.
  • Short-haired Chihuahua: it has short, thick and shiny hair.

The Chihuahua Can Have Different Colors, Such as:

  • Biscuit
  • Black
  • Sand
  • Brown
  • Silver and blue
  • White

The Chihuahua can have one color, and also be bicolor or tricolor.

We can find merle colored Chihuahuas; however this color is not accepted by the standard, as merle is not a natural color for this dog breed. It is said that this color is a mutation which comes from the crossing between the Chihuahua and other dog breeds like the Dachshund and the Spitz. Some countries have prohibited the reproduction of merle colored Chihuahuas as brings with it some issues such as blindness and deafness.

Chihuahua: Health

Whenever the Chihuahua gets to adulthood and does not reach at least 4 lb., it will have an average lifespan of 7-8 years, because of its small size. On the other hand, it could be a long-lived dog, reaching the 15 years of age and in some cases 18 years.

Even though the Chihuahua can easily get adapted to domestic life, it needs to exercise quite often. It does not tolerate cold weather, especially if it is a short-haired Chihuahua. Otherwise, is a long-lived and strong dog, you just need to be careful with its eyes and keep them clean.

It is important to remember that despite its small size this little beauty is not a toy. Therefore, you must be extra careful and not accidentally drop this little fluffy dog.

Sneezing is a typical characteristic that this dog breed has whenever it drinks water or gets excited. In some cases, the Chihuahua reacts like it was running out of breath and moves the neck rapidly, opens its eyes and looks straight to its owner. A quick and efficient way to stop this is to cover its nostrils with your fingers so the dog can breathe through its mouth, or you can also rub its throat softly.

Chihuahua: Temperament

The Chihuahua is a joyful, smart and cheerful dog breed. It has a sharp mind and easily remembers everything, so we can say that it is very easy to train. This dog can adapt to any situation and can be taken anywhere you go.

This small friend is exclusively a companion dog, and can be a great alarm as it has excellent hearing and barks to any noise that it does not recognize. We can say this dog is very possessive and protective with its owner, but we cannot consider this dog breed as a guardian dog.

The Chihuahua easily gets adapted to family and domestic life. But as we said before, this dog only recognizes one person as its owner. It adores playing and being in its owner’s arms. The Chihuahua is a very affectionate dog and loves to be spoiled; it can be quiet and tame if it does not get disturbed.

It is an Affectionate and Sensitive Dog; the Mood of Its Family and Owner Directly Affects It.

The Chihuahua analyzes its owner and develops various strategies to be spoiled. If this is your case, you must be smarter than your dog; otherwise your little friend will become egocentric and will get away with anything any chance it gets. If the Chihuahua is well-trained and socialized properly since puppyhood, it will be a sociable and well-balanced dog that would probably never be aggressive.

It can stay home alone for a couple of hours without getting nostalgic or worried, and you will find your dog incredibly happy whenever you come back home. However, this dog does not have a good relationship with strangers; it is not very sociable and can be quite impulsive. The same thing happens with other dogs breeds, except with other Chihuahuas.

This dog has a strong, independent and brave temperament; it is not rare to find it barking at a bigger dog like if it is going to destroy it. However, with other Chihuahuas it acts completely the opposite, it loves to be with its pairs. If the Chihuahua is well-socialized since puppyhood, it can even have a good relationship with cats as it might consider them as part of the family.

Like other small-sized dog breeds, the Chihuahua is affected by excitement and nervousness, which you can identify whenever the dog is shaking or is barking nonstop.

Chihuahua: Relationship with Children

The relationship with children must be evaluated carefully, some experts assure that the Chihuahua is not suitable for children, but others think completely the opposite.

However, everyone can agree that the Chihuahua must not be treated as a toy. Due to its truly small size, it must not be left alone with little children as perhaps they unintentionally might hurt this little fluffy dog.

Chihuahua: Price and Puppies

The Chihuahua is one of the most famous dog breeds in Australia, US, the UK and Canada, where you can find certified breeders, but also New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, India and South Africa.

During the last decades, this dog breed has spread enormously around the World. The price of a Chihuahua puppy can be around 800 dollars; 700 English pounds.

Chihuahua: Breeders, and Puppies for Sale

It is important to purchase from a reliable breeder, to insure that your puppy has been:

  • Raised to have good character and good health;
  • Carefully selected (its parents were chosen without any genetic diseases);
  • Properly socialized, so that it is not too aggressive or fearful;
  • Vaccinated and well-cared for.

You can ask for a pedigree certificate, which allows you to check your dog breed´s purity. An animal with pedigree has certain characteristics that distinguish it among the others.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.


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