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The Chinese Crested Dog, also known as Hairless Chinese Dog, distinguishes among others for its kind and cheerful temperament; there are two types: Powder Puff and Hairless.

The hairless dogs’ history is absolutely fascinating and it is related to the Chinese Crested Dog. In fact, it seems like the origins of this dog come from the ancient times of the Chinese people. It is believed that this splendid dog arrived in China from Africa; moreover it has some remarkable similarities with the Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless Dogs).

Chinese Crested Dog: Types and Curiosities

Some experts believe that its name comes from the hunting dogs used to catch mice on Chinese ships, and also it is said that this is how these dogs arrived in America. Back in time, they were used as companion dogs for people with mental disabilities; this is the main reason the Chinese Crested Dogs know how to be in shape without exercising regularly.

The two types of Chinese Crested Dogs, Powder Puff and Hairless, have the Powder Puff gen; (this means that they are specimens with beautiful full long hair), so it is not possible to breed them and guarantee if they will have hair or not.

In fact, it is not rare crossing two hairless dogs and that a Powder Puff specimen is born as a result. On the contrary, if Powder Puffs mate; they will never have hairless puppies.

Now we will share with you some curiosities about the peculiar aspect of this dog: there is a contest named the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest”, which rewards the ugliest dog in the World since 2003, and Sam (a Hairless Chinese Crested dog), was the winner. On the other hand, the hairless Chinese dog is present in many mass media events, from movies to television shows such as “Ugly Betty” and “102 Dalmatians”.

Chinese Crested Dog: Types

  • Hairy Chinese Crested Dog (Powderpuff)
  • Hairless Chinese Crested Dog (Hairless)

These two varieties can be born from the same mother. It is a small dog that can weigh between 8-13 lb (4-6 kg). The history of this dog is impressive; Chinese people bred this dog since immemorial times (even during the Han Dynasty).

This dog breed was brought to the American Continent by Chinese sailors, and nowadays it has spread so widely around the World, that we can define it as a cosmopolitan dog. At the first sight it seems like the two varieties are from different dog breeds, but it is a real non-dominant spontaneous genetic mutation.

The Chinese Crested Dog has always been a wanted companion dog for its beautiful appearance and its small size. This dog is charming and has a delightful temperament, which has made it one of the most popular dog breeds among the most refined civilizations. It is the ideal pet dog for the ones that look for a truly unique dog.

Chinese Crested Dog: Temperament

The Chinese Crested Dog is friendly, it is always alert, and it has an excellent character, it is cheerful, playful and affectionate. Another highlight of this adorable dog is that it is an excellent companion dog and it is extremely intelligent.

This dog breed is versatile, and it has a natural sweetness. Another attribute highly appreciated is that it does not bark too much and it gets attached to its owner and family immediately. It is quite difficult to find a specimen that gets easily upset or aggressive; on the contrary, the attention it seeks from its owner could be mistaken by indifference towards other people, who could think this dog is not warm or affectionate.

As we mentioned before it is a versatile dog, even though it is not a rustic dog, it can adapt to life in an apartment and also the country life without any issues. The difference between both types of Chinese Crested Dog, Powder Puff and Hairless is only on their coats; all the other characteristics are completely the same.

Hairy Hairless

Of course, the Hairless type does not need to be brushed and the real “hairless” are not many. This variety is very peculiar and needs special care. The Hairy Hairless has a charming contradiction, as it does not have hair in most of its body but it has spectacular locks of hair on its extremities.

On the other hand, the Powder Puff type needs to be brushed to remove excess hair. In both cases, Powder Puff or Hairless, it will need a patient owner, who has enough time for his pet dog. Also, the Chinese Crested Dog needs a healthy lifestyle with daily and frequent walks.

It is the ideal dog for an apartment, as it is docile and as we mentioned before, it does not bark too much. The love it gives to its owner is the typical of dogs with a “busted energy”. It is a very special dog and an excellent companion dog for senior people and children.

One typical behavior of this dog breed is looking for its owner and jumping to his arms, to get the warmth and affection it needs. This dog does not stand low temperatures and suffers a lot especially during the winter,, so you must be particularly careful and raise your friend in a clean and warm environment.

Chinese Crested Dog: Health and Common Diseases

Unlike other small-sized dogs, the Chinese Crested Dog, in both varieties (Hairless and Powderpuff), does not present any congenital diseases; however it is possible that the dog suffers from some ocular issues, particularly glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy or Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. The Powder Puff standard has particularly perfect teeth.

In fact, this dog breed has a “primitive mouth” which means that almost all its teeth are pointy, and for this particular reason you must be extra careful with its dental health. Another common condition the Chinese Crested dog might present, like other small-sized dogs, is patella luxation; an orthopedic issue on the knee.

Chinese Crested Dog: Relationship with the Owner

The ideal owner for the Chinese Crested Dog must be an affectionate person who knows how to appreciate a cheerful, reactive and energetic dog. Certainly, this dog has a peculiar aspect, especially the Hairless type, so it is not a dog for everybody, but is it easy to fall in love with it due to its cheerful, happy and enthusiastic nature.

The perfect owner must love intelligent, sensitive and sweet dogs; and should be passionate of obedience’s tests, (a discipline where these dogs definitely stand out). One of the most interesting characteristics of the Chinese Crested Dog is that it has the ability to learn new tricks and practice them right away; as we said it can understand its owner’s orders and commands without any problems. Moreover, a Hairless’ owner must have the time and dedication to take care of the dog’s grooming and cleaning in regards to its hair and skin.

Chinese Crested Dog: Relationship with Children

The relationship this little dog has with children is excellent; they can get very close and become best friends in many cases. This friendly, affectionate and playful companion is always looking for children to play with and does not like to be left alone. Besides, it can get perfectly adapted whenever a newborn arrives to the family, as it understands it is actually a new family member and therefore it will be happy with the presence of the new baby.

Also, it has a natural predisposition to be trained, learning new tricks and playing at all times, these characteristics make this beauty a true companion for people of all ages.

Chinese Crested Dog: Relationship with Other Dogs

Due to its loving and friendly nature, this dog is far from being a bully dog, like many “miniature or toy breeds” or small-sized dogs that are known for being aggressive. The Chinese Crested Dog is exactly the opposite; it is warm, affectionate and always willing to make new friends, even if a new dog comes to the family.

This dog has the ability to be extremely adaptable, which makes it perfect in order to live with other dog breeds, and it will always want to play. Its true passions are running, jumping and playing. Moreover, the Hairless Chinese does not bark too much, even in the presence of other animals.

Chinese Crested Dog: Price, Breeders, and Puppies for Sale

As for the price of a Chinese Crested Dog puppy, you can find one between 900-1600 dollars, 700-1400 English pounds. It is a very popular dog breed, highly requested and is not easy to find one.

There are registered breeders in countries such as: the US, Canada and UK; but also Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, India and South Africa. When you adopt a puppy, a reliable breeder provides you with an official veterinarian certificate, in which it is formally stipulated that the animal is in perfect health and dewormed.

You can ask for a pedigree certificate, which allows you to check your dog breed´s purity. An animal with pedigree has certain characteristics that distinguish it among the others.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.


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