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The Clumber is the biggest dog in the Spaniels group. It is a quiet and silent hunter.

The Clumber Spaniel is a bird hunting dog from the UK; this dog breed is also known as Clumber Park. It became popular in Newcastle when one of these dogs was given as a present to the Duke. It is believed that the person who developed this dog breed was a Clumber Park’s forest ranger.

Clumber Spaniel: Origins

Some theories point out that this breed was originally from France, and that, during the French Revolution, the Duke of Noallies had to give his Clumber Spaniels to the Duke of Newcastle at the Clumber Park to prevent his dogs from being killed. But there is no evidence to support this theory.

The Clumber Spaniel was a royal and aristocratic dog. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, had 7 hunter Clumber Spaniels in his lands. The breed gained popularity when King Eduard VII started to breed them in Norfolk.

Over time, this breed stopped being used as a hunting dog because of their quiet and tender temperament, and also because of their physical proportions made them slow for this task. This is how this beautiful dog started to be a perfect companion dog.

Clumber Spaniel: Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of the Clumber Spaniel are quite peculiar, this dog has a medium size and long body, it has short legs with big bones. Its height can be between 18 and 19 inches (47-50 cm) and its weight varies between 60 to 77 lbs (30-35 kg). We can say that the Clumber Spaniel is a majestic dog because of its bone structure that gives it a robust body.

A unique feature of this breed is its silky, wide and hanging ears that rest on the sides of its large head. We can also point out its bushy eyebrows and its dark amber colored eyes that have a sweet and gentle look.

Clumber Spaniels have a thick, smooth and straight coat; in general, they are white with orange or lemon-colored spots on the muzzle and ears. It is also common for some of them to have cute freckles around the nose and on their paws.

They require a lot of grooming and bathing as these beauties constantly change their fur, it is advised to brush them several times a week and regularly trim their earnhair because they could get infections or fungus.

Clumber Spaniel: Temperament

The Clumber Spaniel is an adorable dog, it can easily become attached to children or seniors; it is the perfect companion dog due to its quiet and tender temperament. It can be a little shy with strangers but in general it is a playful and sociable dog. This dog has an inner sweetness and a well-balanced temperament; it would not have any problem in sharing its company and playfulness with other dogs or pets.

It can get very attached to its owner and is loyal to its family.

We can highlight that it is a dog with a lot of energy because of its hunting nature; although it is a little slow in its movement, this adorable creature is always willing to go on walks and join its favorite human during his workouts. We recommend having a backyard to prevent your dog from becoming lazy or fat, without the proper motivation it can become a sedentary couch potato!

Clumber Spaniels are easy to train, they are smart and obedient; they will always learn better with a tolerant and patient owner.

Clumber Spaniel: Health

Clumber Spaniels can have some recurrent conditions such as:

  • Obesity: this condition does not only affect your pet’s weight but also can debilitate its joints because of the pet’s body structure. Obesity can cause hypothyroidism as well.
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: it causes inflammation of the joints, it can be hereditary or a consequence of obesity.
  • Canine Entropion or Ectropion: it is a condition that affects the eyelids and sight.
  • Ear Infection: it can be caused by humidity or fungus in the ears.
    We recommend taking your dog to regular checkups with your vet to control or avoid this type of conditions

Clumber Spaniel: Feeding

The Clumber Spaniel loves food. For this reason you must watch its diet carefully to prevent overweight and obesity. Your best option is to feed it with the best quality dog kibbles that have the necessary amount of nutrients that your dog pet requires. Because it tends to overeat, we recommend dividing its food into four portions and feeding it in different times of the day to control its anxiety. You should not be surprised by the sweet look in its eyes when it is begging for food while you eat your dinner.

If you decide to give your Clumber a homemade food, you must take into account which are the necessary nutrients, proteins and minerals for a well-balanced and healthy diet, you can ask your vet for advice and tips to make the dog’s meals.

Clumber Spaniel: Price, Breeders and Puppies For Sale

A Clumber Spaniel puppy can cost between 800 – 1300 dollars, 700 – 1100 English pounds, the difference in price depends on the pedigree of the dog you want to purchase.

In this section you can find the best registered breeders in countries such as: England, Australia and in the US; but also New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Scotland, India and South Africa, where you can find all the information you need. It is imperative to purchase from a reliable breeder, to make sure that your puppy has been:

  • Raised to have good character and good health;
  • Carefully selected (its parents were chosen without any genetic diseases);
  • Properly socialized, so that it is not too aggressive or fearful;
  • Vaccinated and well-cared for.

.When you adopt a puppy, a reliable breeder provides you with an official veterinarian certificate, in which it is formally stipulated that the animal is in perfect health and has been dewormed.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.


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