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The Coton De Tulear is a white fur ball that resembles a cotton cloud: let’s get to know this clownish and cuddly pup.

Today we are describing a dog which may not be yet widely known in your country but it is worth betting on this sweet breed. We can safely assure it will own the hearts of many of our readers. This is the Coton de Tulear, an authentic white cotton ball who will make you smile at first sight.

As we mentioned above, it is not very popular in our country but they might grow in numbers since it has all the right perks for young people and adults to fall in love with them.

Coton De Tulear: Origins

You are surely wondering where this particular name comes from, a bit exotic name you might add. In fact, the Coton de tulear comes from a far away region: the fascinating Madagascar. Let’s dive in deeper on its origins.

Their name suggests many features about the breed. The term “Cotton” represents the fur consistency which resembles cotton. “Tuleár”, on the other hand, is the Madagascan city’s harbor which goes by the same name and it is the place where this breed originated.

Its history remained linked to the beautiful island of Madagascar for many years, and only in the mid 20th century this breed intertwined with some events of Old Europe. The Coton De Tulear “landed” on european soil by the end of the 70s, approximately in 1977.

Coton De Tulear: Family Tree

The first nation to welcome this dog in Europe was France, a country with a privileged relationship with Madagascar for colonial reasons. By exploring this breed’s family tree we can find it comes from crossing local breeds from the island with the Bichon.

The Bichons were not native: they arrived on the Island as rat hunters and loaded on different merchant ships which traded in Madagasca.
Nonetheless, if we take a closer look, we must mention at least two other dog breeds which might be involved in this breed’s evolution.

  • First is the Bedlington Terrier, from which the Coton De Tulear must have inherited the slightly convex shape of their back.
  • Second is the Papillon, which carries some odd patches from the breed´s fur.

Coton De Tulear: Physical Characteristics

Now, let’s examine the most common physical features of this white cotton fur. We are obviously talking about a small-sized dog. But we will start with its most distinguishable feature which gave it its name: its fur.

The Coton De Tulear’s fur is neither too long nor too short. It resembles the texture of cotton, and its color is the most frequently seen in this material, white, of course. To pet this ball of white fur is quite an unique experience. You will feel like you are wrapped around your favorite sweater!

On a chromatic dimension, the Coton De Tulears is almost always white. There are cases of a couple of patches in yellowy grey on the ear. On the rest of the body these tones are almost absent or leave with time.

Their eyes are quite captivating at first sight. This breed has small, round and dark eyes with a particularly bright and contagious light.

Coton De Tulear: Appearance

Their snout is quite adorable, thanks to its small nose, which is almost always black but it can sometimes be of chocolate. Their ears are triangle-shaped, thin, wide and they tend to hang low.

We have arrived at the analysis of their “size”. We can almost define the Coton De Tulear as a “pocket dog” which applies to both males and females. In fact, females never weigh more than 11 lb (5 kg) or less than 6 lb (3kg). Males, on the other hand, can weigh between 9-13 lb (4-6 kg).

Their height is approximately the same for both males and females and it can go from 10 to 12 inches (25 to 32 cm). The Coton De Tulear’s tail is a bit longer in comparison to other miniature size dogs, it is 6 inches (15cm) long. It is located low and helps improve the walking rhythm of this breed which is a fast runner.

We can say, in conclusion, that even though it is small, the Coton De Tulear is a “toned” dog, and it is an overall well proportioned dog. The variables between spine, extremities and head are very balanced. This breed gives the impression of being a small gem.

Coton De Tulears: Temperament

We can say the Coton De Tulears can be considered a loving child, with an active spirit sometimes a bit messy. We will expand on this.

It is highly capable of changing anyone’s mood into a positive one, since it is very active and cheerful. They can grow affectionate with their owners and family, and they can build great relationships with kids. Nonetheless, they also carry a temper which is not always easy to manage especially towards people who don’t look familiar or if the dog is not used to seeing.

When it comes to other dogs, our small white dog tends to become a not expected “bullet” and it subdues other dogs, even though its weight doesn’t help. Besides it is often the case that small sized dogs are the most restless.

One thing is certain, the breed does not like to be left alone, they suffer from loneliness. So it is not a great idea to leave it alone if you work all day.

Coton De Tulears: Health

The Coton De Tulears is not particularly delicate or sickly, but they certainly need constant upkeep when it comes to their fur. You must keep the dog clean and make sure to use the shampoo that is most adequate to their needs, specifically made for white fur.

In summary, a shampoo that can maintain the right brightness on their fur, and fight the yellow-like stains which can occasionally appear is a must. The ideal product should increase the level of keratin, a nutritious and emollient one.

The Coton De Tulear’s diet doesn’t have specific recommendations. It is a very versatile dog and it is not demanding on the table or an overeater.

Given this breed is not very popular, it is quite challenging to find a brand which manufactures food made specifically for them. There is no special need, so you must check with your vet for a specific diet only in case of mood swings or loss of their appetite.

Coton De Tulears: Puppies and Price

Let’s start by saying this breed is not widely spread, so it may be difficult to find the four legged friend you are looking for. Nonetheless, there are people who are interested in betting this might be one of the most solicited dog breeds in the following years. This might change the perspective.

For now, the Coton De Tulears can’t be described as an accessible breed. In fact, one might cost from 800 dollars to 1200 dollars, or 700-1300 English pounds. Compared to similar breeds those numbers should not be considered high.

Coton De Tulears: Breeders, and Puppies For Sale

Due to the number of legal breeding we must warn you: you must be careful to avoid being scammed. This is because in these cases it is possible you might come across specimens from uncertain origins. You must verify and always ask for their Pedigree papers.

In this section you can find the best registered breeders in countries like: United States, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, where you can ask for all the information you need. It is crucial you buy from a trustworthy breeder so you can be sure your pup was:

  • Raised to have good health and character,
  • Well selected (its parents were selected without any genetic diseases),
  • Appropriately socialized, so it does not become too fearful or aggressive,
  • Vaccinated and well taken care of.

Also, if you adopt a puppy, a trustworthy breeder will give you a vet certificate which states the dog has been dewormed and is completely healthy.

Now that we have cleared the most important features, you can go and find your new four-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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