Dog Jealousy: Why It Happens And What You Can Do



Jealousy could be very problematic and cause troubles in your relationship with your dog. If you have a jealous dog you must correct its behavior as soon as possible.

Dogs can suffer jealousy; it is not a normal reaction if your furry friend barks excessively when it sees you cuddling another dog or even your partner.

What Is Jealousy?

It is an instant emotional answer when someone notices a threat towards something that they consider their own. This generates insecurity when the person you love shows attention to something or someone else; it is considered a form of possession and it is a very negative emotion.

Is Your Dog Jealous?

If you think your dog is jealous, you may not be wrong because they are able to feel this emotion. Jealousy in your pet might be provoked by other people, animals or even things because it could feel that its emotional bond with its owner is breaking.

This emotion could be triggered by the arrival of a new family member or other pet.

Types Of Jealousy

There are different types of jealousy; in dogs we can identify two: sexual jealousy between male dogs during the mating season and jealousy produced due tolack of attention.

We will give some details about jealousy in dogs in some common situations:

  1. Jealousy by the arrival of a newborn: a positive way to avoid jealousy in your dog whenever a baby arrives to the family is adapting your pet since the beginning of the pregnancy; bringing it close to your tummy, showing the dog the baby’s things (clothes or toys).
    Once the baby is born you must allow your dog to get close; always under your supervision, let your dog sniff or lick him. Do not ignore your dog or its need, find the moment to play and take it in its walks. Your furry friend should not feel replaced or neglected.
  2. Jealousy toward other animals: If you decide to adopt a new pet, the first thing you must do is getting them to know each other calmly. You have to treat them both in the same way. It is important that they have their own bowls for food and water, at least at the beginning; this will prevent unnecessary fights between them.

Behavior of a Jealous Dog

To identify a jealous dog, keep in mind the following behaviors in your dog:

  • Barking: the most common sign in a jealous dog is excessive barking whenever its owner gets close or touches another animal or person.
  • Peeing inside the house: This behavior could be caused by many things, but definitely it is a way for dogs to mark their territory or try to draw your attention whenever they feel jealous.
  • Being Possessive: If your dog does not separate from you, not even for a second, it means that it does not know self-reliance and considers that it owns you.
  • Changes in your dog’s mood: in the presence of someone that generates jealousy in your dog, it might show that it is uncomfortable, it could growl or show its teeth but when the object of its jealousy goes away, everything goes back to normal.
  • Breaking stuff: this behavior is purely to draw attention to the owner.
  • Aggressiveness: If your dog becomes aggressive or bites a person or animal, the best thing to do is consult a specialist as soon as possible, to train your dog correctly, before the situation gets worse or your dog becomes violent.
  • Other alterations of behavior: Changes in the way your dog eats, overeating or lack of appetite; hiding, howling or crying.

Tips To Correct a Jealous Dog

First of all, you must take into account that your own behavior as owner directly affects the bond of your pet with other people or animals. You must stay calm and should not use physical punishment, but you must set the rules and show authority, do not let your dog control you.

The education and training you give your dog during puppyhood will be the key for its physiological development. Keep in mind that socializing your dog at its early stages will be vital to feel comfortable with other people or animals.

  1. Your dog is not a kid or a baby: you should not treat your dog this way during puppyhood, when it grows it might be confusing for your pet and become possessive.
  2. Set boundaries: you cannot allow your dog to run the home however it wants, you must set the rules, teach it commands and obedience since puppyhood.
  3. Scold it whenever is necessary: do not spoil your dog in all its whims; if it does something wrong you should reprimand it in the correct manner and at the proper time. Moreover, it is recommended that you reinforce positive behaviors, so your dog can understand the difference.
  4. Look for a dog behaviorist: a dog trainer will teach you how to deal with problems with your furry friend. Perhaps you might want to search for a professional and take some behavior classes with your pet.

If you have a jealous dog you should consider this piece of advice and warnings so you can stop its misbehavior. You can always go to your vet or a dog behaviorist so they can help you to solve these issues, if you are not able to face them on your own. This way you will improve your relationship with your furry best friend and bond in a healthy and positive way.

If you have any doubts you can consult with a professional that lives near your home, he will answer all of your questions and give you good assistance.

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