Dog Names: 1000 Ideas to Help You Choose Your Dog’s Name



Dog Names: Males and Females

Choosing a dog’s name is an important moment for anyone who has adopted a puppy or an adult dog, or simply plans to do so. In our article “Dog Names”, you will find many ideas to choose the ideal name for your new friend, whether it is male or female.

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What should be considered when choosing a dog’s name?

The name given to a dog is certainly the result of a personal choice, which can be the result of one’s imagination, the name of a famous dog, or even the name linked to a character or a beautiful memory.

Clearly, before choosing a name for your friend, you need to evaluate a few things since that name will accompany your dog throughout his life, you will say it thousands of times and with many different tones and intentions.

Name assonance is an important thing: It is better to avoid names that sound similar to other family members. This can create confusion and cause the dog to come to you every time you talk to the person with the similar name. For example, if there is a Henry, who is called Enri or Erri, in the house, and you call your dog Larry or Barry, you will notice this confusion.

In general, a short and recognizable name is the best option (for dog training purposes), but any name you give your dog will be fine anyway.

Dog Names: Tips for Choosing Your Puppy’s Name

These are some simple tips to keep in mind when choosing your dog’s name. Remember that this name will accompany your pet throughout his life, and you will say it a thousand times.

Below you will find many ideas used in countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Scotland, and South Africa divided by gender and initial letter. Good luck in finding the perfect name for your pet!

1000 Ideas to Help You Choose Your Dog’s Name

Famous dog names

  • Pluto: Mickey Mouse’s dog friend.
  • Scooby Doo: The fearful Grat Dane, Shaggy’s mate.
  • Lady and Tramp: The protagonists of “The lady and the tramp”.
  • Pongo and Perdy: The protagonists of “101 dalmatians”.
  • Beethoven: The most famous Saint Bernard in the “Beethoven” movie saga.
  • Max: The Jack Russell Terrier star of the movie “Secret life of pets”.
  • Rex: The most famous detective dog on television. A German Shepherd.
  • Joshep: Heidi’s grandfather’s Saint Bernard.
  • Milou: Tintin Fox Terrier’s companion.
  • Lassie: A Scottish Shepherd star of the “Lassie” series.
  • Snoopy: The most famous Beagle in the world, created by Charlie Brown.
  • Laika: The famous Soviet space dog.
  • Balto: The Siberian Husky considered a true hero.
  • Hachiko: An Akita Inu remembered for waiting many years for its owner at Shibuya station.

Names and interpretations of artists and actors

Adam, Akira, Alain, Anne, Anthonny, Ava, Ben, Bill, Bruce, Cooper, Colin, Carrie, Clive, Danny, Daryl, Demi, Dustin, Ed, Eddie, Evan, Emma, Franka, Gary, Gleen, Guy, Harrison, Hugh, Helen, Holly, Ian, Jack, Jason, Jeff, Kelly, Liv, Mark, Matt, Nick, Oliver, Paul, Peter, Rene, Ralph, Scott, Sam, Uma, Val.

Names and interpretations of singers

Amy, Aqua, Avril, Barry, Beck, Beret, Billy, Bon, Cat, Cher, Dua, Diana, Duffy, Edurne, Frank, Gene, Gregor, Grace, Harold, Iggy, Ice, Isac, Jeesy, Janet, Jay, Jason, Joe, Katy, Kenny, Keith, Mary, Mich, Neil, Nik, Nina, Peggy, Ray, Ringo, Rossane, Taylor, Tom, Tori, Vince.



Aaron, Andy, Ace, Alec, Archie, Alton, Angus, Apolo, Alfie, Aramis, Arco, Artur, Asterix, Astro, Atom, Atreo, Attila, Alex, Baldo, Baloo, Beau, Baxter, Bernie, Blaster, Bear, Boris, Brutus, Bailey, Bunter, Calvin, Chase, Cash, Casper, Cassius, Chewie, Chip, Chester, Chooper, Cody, Cletus, Coby, Coco, Cody, Conan, Connor and Corsio.


Dablo, Dash, Diesel, Damon, Duke, Devil, Dexter, Dickens, Diuk, Doc, Duncan, Dusky, Dylan, Elvis, Ector, Ernie, Egon, Elfo, Eliot, Elvis, Enea, Ermes, Eros, Euron, Evron, Farak, Finn, Fico, Fidel, Frankie, Filander, Florian, Floyd, Folk, Fred, Fritz, Frodo, Fuste and Fuster.


George, Gizmo, Gus, Gunner, Giotto, Gordon, Griffing, Guss, Gustav, Harry, Harvie, Harlock, Helki, Hulk, Iago, Ian, Irvin, Jack, Jafar, Jago, Jamal, Jasper, Kaiman, Kirby, Kelvin, Kent, Kobe and Kojak.


Layo, Lapo, Logan, Lennox, Lester, Lex, Levis, Louis, Leo, Lupin, Mac, Mason, Maximus, Maxwell, Marvin, Marson, Merli, Milo, Moki, Morris, Miles, Natan, Nelson, Noah, Nilo, Noshi, Numa, Oliver, Omero, Orfeo, Orion, Oddie, Paddy, Parker, Prince, Porter and Paco.


Quentin, Quick, Quinn, Quinso, Rambo, Ranger, River, Remi, Rosco, Rox, Rex, Sammy, Sax, Scott, Scuro, Scooby, Skash, Spank, Spicke, Sonny, Smokey, Tanner, Tyler, Titan, Thor, Tucker, Tobia, Theo, Tycho and Tyson.


Ubert, Ugo, Ulises, Ulric, Uranio, Valdo, Valiant, Varen, Vasco, Vigo, Vikas, Viper, Walker, Wapi, Winston, Woody, Woodstock, Xeno, Xoros, Xondro, Yago, Yale, Yukon, Zak, Zeus, Zelig, Zorland and Ziggy.



Ada, Aida, Angie, Ava, Alyssa, Amber, Arlena, Artemisa, Aspa, Astrid, Aura, Bailey, Bea, Bella, Betsy, Blondi, Bimba, Bice, Bonnie, Camelia, Candy, Carol, Carolyn, Chanel, Chantal, Cimera, Cher, Coraline and Casey.


Daffy, Daisy, Dana, Dea, Demetra, Dakota, Destiny, Dixie, Doli, Dottie, Dorotea, Duchess, Duna, Eika, Elly, Emery, Erin, Eureka, Etta, Fancy, Fanny, Fada, Fiona, Flo, Foxy and Felecity.


Gaia, Gia, Gidget, Giusy, Gigi, Ginger, Gwen, Halia, Hanna, Holy, Ibby, Isla, Imani, Jackye, Jane, Josie, Jenna, Jola, July, Josie, Kara, Kallie, Kate, Kay, Kelly and Kendall.


Laika, Lacy, Lenna, Lexi, Libby, Lexa, Lizzy, Lola, Lolita, Luz, Liv, Lois, Macy, Mae, Maeve, Maggie, Margot, Milka, Mandy, Margot, Naomi, Nia, Nela, Nelly, Nera, Nikki, Nita, Oreo, Olivia, Olympia, Opal, Oxana, Patsy, Peach, Peggy, Pearl and Pupa.


Queny, Quinn, Rose, Ruby, Riley, Rea, Rhoda, Riva, Ruth, Roxie, Rozen, Runa, Saba, Sandy, Selby, Shada, Sassy, Tala, Taylor, Tesly, Trixie and Tiffany.


Uliana, Uma, Urania, Ursula, Uzma, Vega, Velania, Verbena, Viola, Vixen, Vivi, Vinny, Waika, Wren, Wanda, Winifred, Wendy, Wilma, Winky, Winona, Xara, Xena, Xenia, Xylia, Yasmin, Yira, Yvone, Zuri, Zara, Zola, Zhen, Ziva, Zoe and Zuma.

Dog Names: Video

If you haven’t found what you were looking for, you can take a look at the following video:

Once you have chosen the name for your dog (whether male or female), don’t forget to engrave it on an identification tag, an essential accessory for all dogs.

If you have found the name, but lack who to give it, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend who is surely waiting for you.


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