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The Dogo Argentino is a breed originally from the province of Cordoba: it is an extremely warm dog even with children.

The history of the Dogo Argentino also known as Argentinian Mastiff or Argentine Dogo, began in the province of Cordoba in Argentina, thanks to the famous surgeon Dr Antonio Nores Martinez, who passed away in 1956. This dog breed was probably one of his most important legacies after a very careful crossbreeding. Back in 1947 this breed came into life and started to spread around the region, due to its immense strength, tenacity and its courageous attitude to life.

At first, the Dogo Argentino was a hunting and guardian dog, used to hunt wild boars that could endanger cattle or farming of its owner. Nowadays it is the perfect companion for families and for those who want a strong and stunning dog pet to share life. Until 2009 this dog was considered a dangerous dog breed, but that is increasingly changing.

Unfortunately, some negative cases have caused the Dogo to have a bad reputation, causing some countries to ban this breed. These unfortunate cases may have been prevented with adequate early socialization since puppyhood. The Dogo Argentino is friendly and stable despite its intimidating appearance. Aggression or fearfulness occurs when it is not socialized enough.

In 1964, this dog breed was recognized by the FCI, this goal was achieved by Nores’ brother, who was also a doctor. Now there are Dogo breeders in Europe and it is the only one that belongs to the major hunting dogs group.

Dogo Argentino: Physical Characteristics

It is a stunning dog; it is not really big: at its withers its height is of 24 to 26 inches (62-68 cm) in males and 23 to 25 inches (60-65 cm) in females; it weighs around 99 lb (45 kg). The Dogo Argentino is one of the most robust, muscular and well-proportioned dog breeds. Unfortunately, because of its strength this breed is still used in dog’s fights.

This dog’s jaw may be intimidating; if you look closely its concave nose slightly points forward; and it has hazelnut-colored eyes.

The Dogo Argentino’s coat is white (it can have dark spots but just on the head), however, in warm regions its hair could be thinner and change the color a little bit, this does not prevent it from belonging to the standard; in colder regions the hair is full and thick.

It has big and strong teeth and its ears are usually cropped and pointed up.

Dogo Argentino: Temperament

This dog is a mixture of strong dog breeds (Bulldog, Bull Terrier and some Mastiff dogs like the Great Dane, Pointer and Irish Greyhound). The Dogo Argentino’s temperament makes it one of the best guardian dogs on the planet.

It is smart but also extremely territorial: it does not usually bark, as we said before it is a great guardian dog, if another dog comes to its space, it will show its strength without hesitation. A strong and firm temperament is part of its nature; its cleverness and courage make it an excellent hunting dog.

However, the Dogo Argentino is warm and sweet; it is affectionate and protective of its family. It can be distrustful but is not aggressive unless someone invades its territory.

Dogo Argentino: One of the Smartest Dog Breeds

It is not a fearful dog; it is very brave and has a well-balanced temperament. The Dogo has the ability to understand and solve many situations, this is the main reason it is one of the smartest and self-controlled dog breeds. This dog loves fresh air, nature and long daily walks; it has a lot of energy. It is tireless and could spend the entire day walking with its owner.

The Dogo Argentino has the best qualities of a Bulldog: it does not have a rowdy behavior and keeps itself under control in most situations. It can live in the countryside and in the city; this does not affect its mental or physical health.

Dogo Argentino: Training

It is very important to educate and train it during its puppyhood. The Dogo Argentino must learn its role in the family and respect boundaries. It is necessary for your Dogo to establish healthy relationships with other dog breeds, so it can interact properly its pairs.

Dogo Argentino: Health

This dog breed can have skin conditions, such as pyoderma and some types of dermatitis. In order to prevent these diseases you should bathe your dog with antiseptic dog shampoo.

The Dogo Argentino is a large-sized dog, so it can develop disorders like hip dysplasia and gastric torsion (bloat). These conditions are common in large and giant dog breeds. You can talk to your vet to learn more about and prevent these types of disease.

Another disease that Dogos can suffer is unilateral or bilateral hearing loss.

Dogo Argentino: Feeding

The Dogo Argentino requires a healthy and controlled diet, especially during puppyhood. During this period, your puppy grows rapidly.

To keep your Dogo Argentino healthy and strong, it will need the necessary nutrients. There are excellent kibbles in the market, so there is no need to feed your pup with supplements. However, this does not mean that you should only feed your dog with manufactured kibbles; you can also cook a nice and healthy homemade food.

We recommend pasta, rice, meat, bread and vegetables. If you decide to feed your dog a homemade diet, you will require adding some supplements to its meals.

Around its first year of life, you can change its diet to low-fat food and proteins.

Dogo Argentino: Price

The Dogo Argentino can cost around 900 to 1300 dollars, 800-1200 English pounds; the difference in price depends on the pedigree and dog’s vaccination.

Dogo Argentino: Puppies For Sale, and Breeders

You can find your puppy in the US and Canada in specialized and registered breeding establishments. You can also find them in India, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. Check for any regulation as to the banning of this dog breed in your country. It may have gained a negative reputation, and there may be laws against the Dogo Argentino (for example, in England they are banned).

We do not recommend purchasing or looking for dogs online. A registered breeding establishment will provide the necessary documentation, vaccines certificate and microchip of your Dogo Argentino puppy.

When you adopt a puppy, a reliable breeder provides you with an official veterinarian certificate, in which it is formally stipulated that the animal is in perfect health and dewormed.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.


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