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Let’s discover the English Pointer, a hunting dog that has also become an excellent companion breed.

In this article you will find out all you need to know about this famous British hunter. It is not a big man with a mustache, hat and a shotgun: the English Pointer is one of the most famous hunting dogs in the world.

Its nose, capable of capturing the scent of the prey with great precision, has already become famous, as well as its quick reflexes in pursuit. Its name also depends on this last characteristic: “point” refers precisely to its ability to “aim” at the prey, typical of hunting.

But as we will see, this dog is not only a skilled hunter, much less a ruthless or aggressive breed, rather, the English Pointer manages (and using a bold and somewhat playful metaphor) to separate home from work: In fact, in a Family context, this ‘war machine’ becomes a tender, affectionate and calm playmate.

First of all, let’s clarify the origins of this hound dog that has managed to embody all the characteristics of a hunting dog.

English Pointer: Origins

This breed originated in England. The standard is thought to have been born in the United Kingdom, but this fact, over the years, has become more complex and controversial.

In fact, there are several other nations that have tried to claim this breed, which has become popular around the world, as their own. The French, the Portuguese and especially the Spanish claim a part of the Pointer’s “blood”, although at an institutional level the breed is considered unequivocally British.

Even Italians would like to have “a little bit” of the Pointer. After all, this breed has succeeded in replacing legendary hunting breeds in the hearts of Italians, such as the Bracco Italiano (Italian Pointer) or the Spinone Italiano.

There are those who believe this breed, so well balanced and gifted in its genetic makeup, is the result of crossing several breeds of dogs, such as the Foxhound, Setter, Sighthound and Bulldog.

English Pointer: Physical Characteristics

Let’s examine in more detail the “build” of this champion that everyone seeks and wants. What are the physical characteristics of the English Pointer? What is its typical appearance? We are talking about a medium-sized dog. Its weight is usually around 55 lb (25 kilos), either male or female.

Height at the withers starts at 57 cm (22 in) and can reach up to 70 cm (27.5 inches): males are slightly thinner than females. The protagonist of its face is obviously the muzzle: marked and dark,infallible during the hunt. The muzzle is shaped as a square, as well as the back and the head, which has two large, round eyes with ocher highlights.

The coat has a smooth and satin pile, which can present different colors:

  • From white to black;
  • From beige to gray;
  • Red or lemon.

The tail is classic: thicker at the base, narrowing towards the end. The teeth have a scissor-like closure. The neck is elongated and very elegant (Like everything in this hunting lord!).

Now let’s continue with its build: the English Pointer is a muscular and proportionate dog, although it is thin and agile. It can take pride in its remarkable speed, which makes it an ace in the woods when it “targets” its prey.

English Pointer: Temperament

In hunting, the Pointer is a very attentive “sniper” and is always ready to attack, but when it is not busy chasing its prey it is actually very calm. Perhaps it is necessary to explain this better: it is certainly not a lazy dog. One of the main characteristics of this breed is its energy.

In fact, it needs to be and play outside, even when it is not in “hunting dog” mode.

However, two souls seem to inhabit in him, because the Pointer also proves to be an excellent companion dog, friendly with the whole family. It is not aggressive at all, not even with other dogs: on the contrary, it tends to be, at best, a bit shy.

English Pointer: Health

The Pointer is an easily manageable dog from almost any point of view. On the one hand, it excels in training: by virtue of its “job” as a hunter, it is used to being subjected to human orders. On the other hand, it does not suffer from important health problems, since it is a fairly robust and long-lived breed.

Their life expectancy is about 13 years. However, it may suffer from some common diseases such as hip dysplasia, some skin conditions, and thyroid disorders. But it is also subject to a hereditary disease: neurotropic osteopathy (in particular, it may occur between the ages 3 and 9 months).

As we have already mentioned, it is an absolutely non-sedentary dog: this breed needs to do, at least, a little exercise; otherwise it may even suffer emotionally. It is not impossible to keep it in an apartment, however, keep in mind that it will certainly be necessary to take a few walks to unleash its energy.

Therefore, you have to seriously consider whether your daily commitments can accommodate this need. It is really a “little angel”: it is a lively dog without being too exuberant, a companion without being invasive. Regarding its nutrition, we can generally recommend the athlete’s diet.

English Pointer: Feeding

The physical and psychological characteristics of this dog indicate that its energy consumption is significant: this does not mean that the English Pointer is a glutton or that it should eat “a lot”. But it must have a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins.

In addition, just like an athlete in training, you must evaluate the animal’s needs, point by point: if the dog rests a little more than normal, for example, we recommend that it eat much lighter.

To sum up, this dog has a good temperament and a very fine nose, as well as being equipped with a truly enviable gallop. It has a statuesque silhouette but also a sprinter drive. It is alert but also docile. Could this hunting champion be the four-legged friend you are looking for?

English Pointer: Price and Breeders

There are several establishments where they breed the English Pointer: in the US, UK and Australia there are specialized and registered breeders, but also with a little patience you can find your puppy in Canada, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and India: we recommend that to contact one of them so you can have official documents specifying the origins of the puppy you are about to buy.

The price of a specimen of this breed varies greatly from one to another, but it should be possible to find one at a minimum of 800 dollars to a maximum of 1400, about 700-1300 English pounds.

English Pointer: Puppies For Sale

It is essential that you go to a trusted breeder so that you can be sure that the puppy you buy has been:

  • Raised for good health and temperament;
  • Well selected (its parents were chosen without genetic diseases);
  • Properly socialized, so that it is not too fearful or too aggressive;
  • Vaccinated and well cared for.

In addition, if you adopt a puppy, the reliable breeder will give you a veterinary certificate, in which it is stated that the dewormed and completely healthy.

You can always ask for the pedigree, which on the other hand is essential: it allows you to check the purity of the dog’s breed. An animal with a pedigree has certain characteristics of its breed that differentiate it from the rest.

Now that we have clarified all the most important aspects, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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