Gourmet Foods for Dogs: A Trend In The Name Of Health And Luxury



Find the best, five-star gourmet treats for your furry roommate.

A large part of the domestic animal food industry has integrated a trend based on truly elegant and special treats for your 4-legged furry friend. You may treat your dog for any special occasion with some of the options we describe below.

Of course we know you absolutely adore your loyal friend, and you want to give it the best. But they are a little different than us. Do they get tired if they eat the same thing every day? They do not. We would probably get bored and cranky if we ate the same meal for a week, but not our dog pets.

A consistent diet is actually healthy for our dogs. However, you may rotate your dog’s food periodically according to your vet’s professional advice and treat your dog to a gourmet meal once in a while for special occasions.

Treat your Dog with a Luxury Drink for Special Occasions

Not all pleasure is solid: A Luxurious Bar for the Demanding Palate of Dogs.

An alcohol free winery for all Dogs.

  • Dög Pawrignon – Toast to your Dog’s Birthday with a Dög Pawrignon. Yes, a champagne made for your dog to celebrate all important anniversaries, events and holidays. The perfect option for the tuxedo dog. This is a special kind of drink since it resembles the fine art of champagne appealing to canines through salmon oil and turmeric flavors.


Say goodbye to all sad puppy eyes when you enjoy ice cream, they can have their own and specialized ice cream.

Bacon Ice Cream Delights. Now you can both take a walk while enjoying your own ice creams. A bacon flavored ice cream for your dog after a nurturing walk. Your options:

Gourmet Foods for Dogs: Dry and Wet Treats and Fancy Dishes

Our dear friends have won our hearts, our couch and praising them with treats has become our habit. All the exquisite options mentioned below combine a wide variety of lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits while healthy fat and natural protein are also included.

Venison, coconut, Kale, gravy, blueberry are a few of the many ingredients in these gourmet dishes.

These products go beyond their fancy names and some even offer incredible nutritious benefits while being also delicious. Our four-legged friends are drawn to such treats, being either dried, wet and plant or meat-based.

You can make your own gourmet food for your most faithful companion if you want to celebrate with your furry friend marking a special occasion.

Whether it is its birthday or you want to make a meal special for your dog, we recommend you consider some of the options we describe below. A staggering innovation on flavor and elegant restaurant-like menus has proven to be enticing for all canine palate. Here are a few:


Pumpkin & Honey Sticks. These are out of the ordinary. They are perfect for your dogsˈ dental hygiene. Ingredients include pea flour, tapioca, ginger and cinnamon. They are balanced on protein, crude fat, fiber and moisture.

TOPPINGS. Yes, toppings are the first taste of a delightful mix dish designed by you, the most dedicated dog owner.

  • Grain Free Sausage. Sausage is the first step to a true gourmet gastronomy. Healthiest and delicious meat. It is a fridge sausage. You can grate, slice or chop this sausage selection in your dog’s bowl. Flavors may include:
  1. Lamb,
  2. Beef, and
  3. Whitefish.
  • Brewery on Top. Yes, an ale created to eliminate your dog’s dislike of dry food. Also created to celebrate all occasions with a dog who enjoys the refined art of brewery just like you. Flavors? Beef and Chicken Ale.
  • Cookie Crumbles Topper. Yes, add to your dog’s dry food and shake up the tasting routine. A delightful option flavored by sweet potatoes which expands the taste journey for your companion.


  • Lamb oven Baked kibble. An refined choice where lean meat goes perfectly with oat and Barley flour, flaxseed, coconut and salmon oil among other naturally grown fruit. Many superfoods like quinoa are included.
  • Filet Mignon. Gravy format dish. Filet Mignon can find its way through the attractive smell and draw a journey to your dog’s palate. Lean meat like liver, beef and chicken. This is an excellent gourmet option for educating your pup with a rewarding strategy.
  • Pork & Peach. Yes, peaches. A wild yet attractive meal for your special friend. Add dried apples and lean pork. Add the chef touch to the way you spoil your paw-friend.


  • Whitefish & Potato. From a Nordic inspired cuisine, your dog will be pleased to have such an extensive palate. Blueberries are included in such eccentric dishes.
  • Peking Ducken. Gravy format. Inspired in Chinese cuisine tradition which blends duck and chicken is a delicious gravy.
  • Cirque la Mer. A robust presentation of meat and vegetables. Imagine rewarding your dog with chopped tuna beautifully embellished with green peas, sweet potatoes and carrots.
  • Turducken. A proposal of 3 lean kinds of meat. Your dog will now be well versed on the classic holiday. Reward them with the magnificence of turkey wrapped duck wrapped chicken.
  • Lahaina Luau. Up your dog food game and cater a crab bouillabaisse. Add kale and shredded chicken breast.

Disclaimer: Almost all gourmet dog food is Premium Quality. This is excellent news since taste meets nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Check with your trusted vet and take action for the improvement of your dog’s lifestyle while adding all glamour and palate pleasure. And now that all the most important aspects have been clarified, you can go to your favorite Pet Shop near you to find all the delicacies for your furry friend.

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