How to Give Your Dog a Pill: Tips and Tricks



Do you need to give a pill to your dog and do not know how? Are you afraid it will bite you, choke or get hurt? Relax, we will teach you the best ways to give a pill to your four-legged friend.

Dogs do not generally enjoy the moment in which they have to take some medicine the vet prescribed, and they can nearly and automatically identify the presence of a pill, thanks to their amazing sense of smell. This is why they tend to spit pills or refuse to take medicine.

Ideally, dogs should take pills by themselves, but this rarely happens. It is important to keep a positive attitude and find the most creative way to make dogs take their medicine. Now we will show you some tips and tricks to do it successfully!

Ways to give your dog a pill

The Traditional Way

The traditional form to make a dog take a pill is the same technique that the vet uses: opening the dog’s mouth completely and placing the pill at the end of its throat, then closing its muzzle. In theory the dog should swallow the pill, but occasionally this is not the case, and the dog opens its muzzle and spits it.

If you like this method, first ask the vet to explain to you the correct technique, so that your dog does not feel attacked, and you do not hurt it; this way you can avoid a traumatic experience with your pet.

Pretend the Pill is a Dog Treat

First we can give the dog the medicine pretending that it is a dog treat or with something delicious as part of the routine of practicing some trick you taught it, for obedience or just because you call it by its name and responded correctly.

Another option is spreading dog food on the floor and leaving the pill in the middle of the food, this generally does not work because the dog could identify the pill by its smell, but with some luck, an overeating dog will “accidentally” swallow the pill.

Hiding the Medication in the Dog’s Food

If your dog rejected the previous method, you can try hiding the pill in its daily dog food, you can use dry or wet dog food. Generally, your dog will feel more attracted by wet dog food; the smell, texture, and flavor are more seductive to its palate.

Food Alternatives

Every so often you can try with your dog’s daily portion and can see how cleverly your dog eats all the food of the plate, leaving behind in the bottom of the bowl a clean and intact pill. Do not let this situation fill you with frustration.

A good alternative is hiding the medicine in some meal you rarely give your dog; it should be a dog’s delicacy: a sausage, a small burger specially made for your pet. The goal is that your dog cannot resist the exquisite meal that is before its eyes.

Crushing the Pill in Small Pieces

This depends on the type of pill, in some cases you can crush it and easily mix it with wet dog food or homemade food, like kibbles. Before you decide to do this, ask your vet if the kind of medication can be smashed into small pieces or dust.

Using a Syringe without the Needle

You can purchase disposable syringes in a pharmacy; then you crush the pill, dissolve it in water and with a little help put the content directly in the mouth of your dog without causing it any harm.

Here are a Few Tips to Keep in Mind

If you try these methods and can make your dog take its pills, go to the vet, so he can give it the medicine.

Keep calm, do not let stress or frustration get in your head; remember that your dog can easily sense your emotions.

If you have two or more dogs in your house, give them the medicine at different times of the day, this way you can detect if any of them vomits the pill.

If you use the previous methods with patience you should not have any problems.

If you notice any side effects to the medicine, contact your vet as soon as possible.

If you have any doubts, consult a professional near your home who will give you good assistance and answer all your questions.

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