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If you are looking for a smart and big-hearted shepherd dog, the Kuvasz might be the one for you.

The Kuvasz is a Hungarian shepherd dog and it is considered one of the oldest dog breeds on the World, it is said that its ancestors were Asian Molossus (a type of big and well-muscled dogs). It is not a well-known dog breed in Canada, Australia or South Africa, but surely it deserves more popularity due to its adorable temperament among other amazing characteristics. It is a loyal, affectionate, white and only white friend, with a unique appearance.

Kuvasz: Temperament

The first characteristic that strikes the most about the Kuvasz is its intelligence; it is really impressive! Also it is a clever dog, but in a good way, it would not try to trick or deceive its owner.

In fact, it is loving and affectionate with its family. In general, it is a very brave dog and quite proud, maybe because it does not forget its origins and thinks it must be the perfect shepherd dog. The Kuvasz is obedient and applied; it is very easy to train in comparison to other dog breeds from its homeland.

Kuvasz: Puppies

The Kuvasz does not need a lot of care during puppyhood; it has good health because it is a rustic and resistant dog. Certainly, it is not a dog suitable for an apartment if you do not have a backyard, remember that keeping a large dog in an apartment affects its mental and physical health. It could get sad and desperate, and it will feel trapped, especially during puppyhood. However, if you have a green space in your home, such as a garden or backyard, it would be enough to make it feel free, and also provide your puppy with a healthy and well-balanced diet, keeping it clean and happy.

This dog breed does not need a lot of cuddles, maybe because it was used to being alone; remember that it was raised by Hungarian natives during ancient times. This is the most reliable version of the Kuvasz’s origin; there are a lot of theories about its creation, but none of them are official. Some experts assure that the Kuvasz was introduced by the “Kumans”, a group of Turkic nomadic pastors, in the Carpathian Basin, a region from Central Europe.

Hungarian Kuvasz

Like other Hungarian dogs, the Kuvasz is not very popular, at least nowadays. Certainly, the most widespread Hungarian dog breed is the Komondor, perhaps because it has a quiet temperament, but it is not a numerous dog breed around the World either. Other Hungarian dog breeds are: Pumi, Mudi and Puli.

Kuvasz: Physical Characteristics

The Kuvasz is without questions a giant dog breed; a male can have a height of 28-30 inches (71-75 cm.) and females are slightly shorter. The body conveys power, agility and elegance at the same time; it has a really delightful structure.

We can say it is not a dog with a long built, actually it looks more square-shaped, and its muscles are well-developed, not only in its extremities but also on its back and chest. The back is square-shaped and quite large with a solid and impenetrable structure. Also its head is long, wide, powerful and strong, and narrows on the muzzle ending in a black-colored nose.

The Kuvasz’s standing position is not very strong or pronounced. The eyes are almond-shaped and angled, they can be of every shade of brown, but mostly they are dark-colored. The ears have a peculiar V-shape but are not pointy, they are high-positioned but do not stand straight, they adorably fall down on the Kuvasz’s head. The tail is always down with the point slightly curved up.

As for the coat, it is always white, short, smooth and thick on the head and on the front of the legs. On the other hand, the back, tail and back of the legs have longer and wavy hair, like a crest with beautiful locks of hair. This dog breed also has a thin and woolly undercoat, while the overcoat is rough.

Kuvasz: Price

Since puppyhood, a Hungarian dog needs special care and staying in a wide space outdoors, confining a Kuvasz in a small space could lead to a mental state of depression and apathy. Kuvasz’s puppies enjoy company from other animals, but they can also grow up alone without any troubles.

In the present, there are not a lot of breeders of this dog, but with a little patience you can find your new four-legged friend. Now let’s talk about the price; the Kuvasz is not a cheap dog, a puppy can cost around 900 dollars, 700 English pounds; but in some cases you could find it at 1000 dollars, 800 English pounds. You must be careful when looking for a Kuvasz puppy, because it is often confused with the Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog.

Kuvasz: Breeders, and Puppies For Sale

It is important to purchase your puppy from a reliable breeder, to insure that your puppy has been:

  • Raised to have good character and good health;
  • Carefully selected (its parents were chosen without any genetic diseases);
  • Properly socialized, so that it is not too aggressive or fearful;
  • Vaccinated and well-cared for.

When you adopt a puppy, a reliable breeder provides you with an official veterinarian certificate, in which it is formally stipulated that the animal is in perfect health and dewormed.

You can ask for a pedigree certificate, which allows you to check your dog breed´s purity. An animal with pedigree has certain characteristics that distinguish it among the others.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.


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