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The Norwich Terrier is not a very popular dog….for now! Let’s get to know all of its amazing characteristics.

The Norwich Terrier is an adorable brave dog from Great Britain that loves being outdoors. This dog breed is often confused with the Norfolk Terrier, we could say they are almost “brothers separated at birth”.

Norwich Terrier: Origins

Both Terrier breeds, Norwich and Norfolk, can be differentiated by one peculiar aspect, but they definitely have the same origin. Therefore, our fluffy friend comes from the county of Norfolk and is the result of several aleatory crosses made by local farmers. These farmers owned small tawny or black and tan Terriers, for this reason the Norwich Terrier breed developed naturally.

To clarify, we must say that the specimens with straight ears were called Norwich Terriers; this distinction gave this dog breed a different status in the canine and human world. In England, it started to gain popularity and the number of specimens increased significantly; we could say it was a successful marketing operation.

Another highlight of the Norwich Terrier’s history was the 22nd of September 1964, the day it was recognized as a unique dog breed, separated from the “Norfolk”. After this “divorce” things went uphill for this adorable friend. The official standard has existed since 1933, but the standard evolved gradually through the years; in the US the spreading of the breed grew slowly.

This dog breed was officially recognized in 1979, and it does not have many specimens around the World. In its homeland, it is well-known, but only in some specific areas, especially around the places where farmers created this breed.

Norwich Terrier: Puppies

Norwich Terrier puppies are very small-sized; in general this breed has small dimensions. An adult’s height can be around 9-10 inches (24-26 cm.), is not considered a “purse dog”, but it has short, compact and robust extremities.

This does not mean the Norwich Terrier lacks dignity, in fact, with just a glance at this little dog you can feel its enthusiastic spirit and its courage, all of this inside a tiny body. Its powerful and short back has a strong bone structure. The Norwich Terrier was distinguished by the scars it wore proudly on its body, caused from its hard work and dog fights (unfortunately during the time this activity was allowed).

Norwich Terrier: Physical Characteristics

The general structure of the Norwich Terrier is solid, well-proportioned and balanced; like every feature was studied and placed meticulously. The muzzle is cuneiform and strong, with tight lips and a strong jaw; it also has a marked and robust stand position. The head is slightly round-shaped, with an adorable black-colored nose, and small almond-shaped dark eyes. We can say its eyes are dark-colored, but they are definitely filled with liveliness, shine and spark.

A Norwich Terrier can:

  • Weigh around 11-12 lb (5-5.5 kg) 
  • Height can be 9-10 inches (24-26 cm)

The Norwich’s ears stand out and they are straight; they are the main characteristic of this dog breed. They are separated from each other, pointy, medium-sized and positioned very high on the head. The ears never hang, but when the dog is alert they are firm and perfectly straight. The extremities of the Norwich Terrier are quite strong and short; the tail is medium-sized and it is never docked.

Norwich Terrier: Coat

The Norwich Terrier’s coat must be able to resist outdoors living and the temperature of the place it was born, but it was not exclusively a mild climate. Therefore, this dog breed adopted a rough and bristling coat, in order to be able to walk daily in the garden or in the woods without suffering from cold temperatures.

Its straight and rough hair makes it look even smaller than it is. Think about other dog breeds with fluffy and full hair, they certainly appear bigger in size. Despite being short, its hair must be groomed, cleaned and brushed regularly, maybe it does not require a lot of beauty treatments but it needs time and care from its owner.

To learn more, you can read our article: Stripping and Trimming in Dogs.

Besides having short hair, it has a fluffier undercoat. The allowed colors of the standards are:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Wheat
  • Tan or Gray

In order to understand the variety of allowed colors, we must remember that the breeding used to be random among the small Terriers, so we cannot expect it to have pure colors. However, it should not have any spots or white marks, these characteristics are considered as flaws on the breed.

Norwich Terrier: Temperament

Over the years, this dog breed was selected as a hunting dog because of its small size; usually the preys were wild animals that infected and damaged the fields, crops, or infested houses, in general rats. When we carefully observe a modern and urban Norwich Terrier, we can see it is always alert and ready when it hears or feels an unfamiliar noise or presence.

We can define the Norwich Terrier as a guardian dog, it is always alert, but let’s not mistake its bravery with fear; when it hears an unfamiliar noise, it tries to understand its origin. In short, we can say it is a courageous dog, but it is not reckless or aggressive, certainly is not the kind of attitude it has toward humans in general, and definitely is not the way it behaves with its owner, with which it forms a strong and faithful bond.

In fact, it is well-known for its affectionate behavior, without being nosy or intrusive, it has a cheerful temperament but it knows its place. The Norwich Terrier is kind, but sometimes it does as it pleases, therefore it needs to be trained, and we can say it is not the most docile of British dog.

Norwich Terrier: Breeders

Although it is not a very popular dog breed in the US, Canada and Australia, in general it is a beloved dog; and with a little patience you will find the perfect dog for you.

Norwich Terrier: Price, and Puppies for Sale

Before asking in breeding establishments or browsing online for offers from unofficial sellers, we will give you a general idea of how much a puppy can cost.

The Norwich Terrier is an expensive dog, the price can be around 1400 dollars, 1200 English pounds, if you purchase a specimen with all the proper documentation and in perfect health. Keep in mind, it is not a wide spread dog breed around the World. When you adopt a puppy, a reliable breeder provides you with an official veterinarian certificate, in which it is formally stipulated that the animal is in perfect health and dewormed.

You can ask for a pedigree certificate, which allows you to check your dog breed´s purity. An animal with pedigree has certain characteristics that distinguish it among the others.

Now that we have mentioned the most important aspects, you can go to your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.

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