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The Saluki, also called the royal dog of Egypt, comes from the Middle East and is considered by many as the oldest dog breed in the world.

It is said that thousands of years ago in the Middle East, an animal stood out due to its elegance, speed, and resistance: a dog that still exists, called Saluki by the natives. In the West, it is also known as the royal dog of Egypt.

Saluki: Origins

Let’s start at the beginning, which means going back 7 thousand years ago, when this breed accompanied nomads in their endless desert journeys. Geographically, this region includes the Sahara and the Caspian Sea. In this region several kinds of Saluki were born, and of different coat varieties.

During those times, it was mainly used for hunting, almost exclusively. Each tribe had the Saluki that fit the most for them to hunt wild animals in a specific area. Bedouins loved this dog: they would not sell it, but they would occasionally offer it as a sign of respect: this is how this dog breed spread around Europe.

The first specimens arrived in England in the mid XIX century, but in 1923 the first Saluki official standard was registered. Immediately, many types, sizes and fur were noticed, but they were all grouped together in the Saluki breed.

At that time, the breed started to expand all over Europe, becoming one of the most beloved companion and show dogs in history.

Saluki: Appearance and Physical Characteristics

Being a hound one can infer its shape is elegant, harmonious and incredibly beautiful. Taking a male Saluki as reference, its height may vary from 23 to 28 inches (58 to 71 cm), weighing 55-66 lb (25-30 kg). It has a slim, slender body, and it can “jog” at a good rhythm, even for 3 miles (5 km) without any trouble.

As regards its body, the snout is long (just like the rest of its body, by the way), while its nose (black) is also wide, the ears long and droopy. The pigmentation of its eyes is black, and it may be hazel. Its tail is long and curved.

The Saluki can be further classified into:

  • Long-haired Saluki
  • Short-haired Saluki

Which colors are accepted and are included in the Standard?

  • White
  • Isabela
  • Beige
  • Golden
  • Gray
  • Fire
  • Tricolor (white, black, and fire)
  • Black and fire and all its variations

Saluki: Temperament

It seems reserved and indifferent, as it usually happens with hounds, since they may be “serious”. Actually, the Saluki is simply a quiet dog. It learns fast and cannot bear to receive the same lesson over and over again.

Those who want to train a Saluki successfully should have short, regular and varied training sessions. Furthermore, aggressive tactics should be avoided, the Saluki is not a dog that loves to be yelled at. As a result, we should only have a negative effect.

Loyal and smart, calm and docile, a dog of this breed can be an excellent companion dog if it is well-trained. It is very reserved with strangers, but never aggressive. With its family, it is always affectionate and protective. It is not easily upset, confused and ever barks without a reason.

Saluki: Relationship with Kids

It is said that the Saluki has a sad singing when it feels something goes wrong, or when a member of its family leaves for a long period of time.

This dog can live with dogs without any problem, of course as long as the kids in the house learn to respect it when the Saluki wants to be alone. There are moments in which the Saluki wants to be alone, rest, reflect, who knows… This is a true age-old mystery.

Saluki: Health and Life Expectancy

It can live in and out of the house, where it is educated and clean. The Saluki has a lifespan of 12 to 13 years. It is a very robust dog, although it may not seem so.

Required feeding: 250-400 grams of food per day. You can also feed it with homemade dog food. Of course, being a dog full of energy and desire to run, it needs lots of exercise to stay in shape.

For an adequate and balanced diet, it is always a good idea to keep in touch with your trusted vet, who will suggest the best options by considering its lifestyle and the dog’s age. If you decide to feed it with food ready for consumption, just follow the instructions as stated in the product’s packaging. Always remember to pay attention to the “dog’s movement” factor, that is, its daily calorie intake.

Saluki: Recommendation and Advice

If the owner of a Saluki has a sedentary lifestyle or is elderly, this dog is not an ideal option. This dog requires plenty of exercise, even several times a day.

Saluki: Puppies

Saluki puppies are the best we can expect: they are educated, clean, respectful with the space their owner offers them. Certainly, they are not ideal for a couch potato or sedentary person: we are talking about a dog breed with a great need to take long walks and run freely outdoors.

Saluki: Price, Breeders, and Puppies for Sale

This animal is easy to breed and train, as we have mentioned. It is obedient, and, as most hounds, not prone to diseases.

When it comes to price, it is a bit hard to establish a universal price for a Saluki: there are different varieties as we have seen, but, in average, we may say a Saluki puppy costs around 1400 dollars, or 1200 English pounds.

So be careful if you find a Saluki that costs less, it might mean something is wrong. For this reason, before buying a dog of this breed, it is advisable to verify all documents, certifications, and pedigree papers.

Now that we have cleared all major doubts, you can go and find your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


Saluki: A Video To Fall in Love

These Saluki images will leave you breathless. You will see Salukis running free in their natural habitat: harmonious, agile, and at the same time, elegant: A true spectacle!

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