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Beautiful and elegant, the Skye Terrier has, in addition to a friendly character, a coat that makes it eye-catching when passing by.

So much so that today this breed is having more success as a companion dog than as a hunting animal. The Skye Terrier originates from Scotland and it is twice as long as it is tall. A four-legged friend who will always be loving and never aggressive.

Skye Terrier: Origins

There is little information about the origins of this breed, but we can say that the Skye Terrier comes from the island that bears its name, the Isle of Skye, which is in the green Scotland and belongs to the Hebrides archipelago. Another thing we are sure of is that this breed has been around for a long time and it is not a new creation.

It is not the Skye Terrier’s fault if we cannot reconstruct its genesis. What happened is that both in the 18th century and in the 19th century, it has been given a great variety of names. Some called it Glasgow Terrier, while others called it Paisley Terrier. Fancy Skye Terrier was another name for this breed in the past… and these are just some examples.

Scholars are still a bit confused about the origins of the Skye Terrier. Therefore, it might be better to talk about its present and future which is promising.

Skye Terrier: Characteristics

If the adult Skye Terrier is small, imagine its puppies. Their proportions are very well established by the official standard. The length should be twice its height. Males can be 10-11 inches (25-26 cm) at the withers, while females can be slightly smaller. From the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail a Skye Terrier measures just over one meter (39 inches). The tail, although tapering, begins thick at the root.

  • Males weigh: 35-39 lbs.
  • Females weigh: 26-31 lbs.

Its body is set in a low position. Besides, it is long, well-muscled and solid. Its limbs are not slender but short, firm and straight. The neck is also long and gracefully arched, carried high and proudly. Its head is long, but not pointed.

The face of the Skye Terrier is really adorable. This is a strong breed characterized by a light stop and a strictly black truffle. Its eyes are dark in color, medium in size, close-set and alight with life and intelligence. Its ears symmetrical and gracefully feathered.

The Skye Terrier’s coat is one of its peculiarities that is more appreciable in pictures than in words. Its coat is long, hard, straight, and flat. It has no curls. The Skye is a dog that, although friendly, wants to look serious and elegant.

The coat is composed of a short, dense, woolly undercoat. As far as coat colors are concerned, the standard for this Scottish breed allows more than one:

  • Black
  • Dark or light gray
  • Fawn and cream tones

In all cases, the tips are black.

Skye Terrier: Temperament

Although born as a hunting dog, like all Terriers, today’s Skye Terrier is in great demand as a companion dog. Let’s not take it for granted that this is the right dog for us even if it is very friendly. This breed is overly attached to one person, its owner, while it tends to be very cautious with strangers.

This does not mean that he will bite or that he is aggressive, but simply do not expect it to be the type of animal that welcomes and greets anyone who knocks on the door with a wagging tail. It loves to be in company, so it will not accept anything on earth to be excluded. In addition, it will be difficult to command it due to its characteristic stubbornness of hunting dogs.

Once it becomes comfortable with the stranger, the Skye Terrier is gentle and affectionate. It is ideal as a companion for play or walks in nature, due to its impressive agility. To whom it may concern, this is one of the most adept dogs at clearing gardens of rodents!

Skye Terrier: Breeders

There are specialized and registered breeders in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Although with a little patience, you can also find puppies in Ireland and Norway.

In our country, these terriers are not very popular. Currently, there are about fifteen specimens. They will probably be even more in a few years, but we are far from large numbers.

Skye Terrier: Price, and Puppies for Sale

In the United Kingdom and the United States, the price of a specimen of this breed may range from 800 to 1200 dollars, about 600-1000 English pounds. It is advisable to contact recognized breeders and ask them directly for prices and availability of puppies. By contacting the kennel, you can also learn more about the animal’s needs and see if it is the right dog for you.

It is essential that you buy a dog from a reliable breeder so that you can be sure that your puppy has been:

  • Bred for good health and temperament,
  • Well-selected (this means that its parents were chosen without genetic diseases);
  • Properly socialized, so that it is not too fearful or too aggressive;
  • Vaccinated and well-groomed.

In addition, if you adopt a puppy, the reliable breeder will provide you with a veterinary certificate which states that the animal has been dewormed and is completely healthy.

You can always ask for the pedigree, which is essential: it allows you to check the purity of the dog’s breed. An animal with a pedigree has certain characteristics of its breed that differentiate it from the rest.

Now that we have clarified all the most important aspects, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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