Small Dogs: The Most Popular Small Breeds and Ideal Owners



Small dog breeds are the most wanted, let’s see why…

Small dogs are the perfect companion pets, and also adaptable to live in houses or apartments in the city. They love to be quiet and have a sedentary lifestyle, which makes them suitable for people that do not have much time for walks; they are also ideal for families with children, elders or single people.

They can look fragile but they are strong and long-lived, their lifespan is around 15-16 years. If you decide to have a small dog you must give it the necessary attention, spoil it and from time to time take it for walks so your dog can exercise and play outside.

We have talked about the biggest dogs in the world, the best guardian dogs and the most beautiful ones, so, we cannot leave aside small-sized dogs. If you want to have some extra information about small dogs, here you have a selection made by

Small Dogs: How to Choose the Right One?

Small dogs are the ones that do not exceed 22 lb. once they have reached adulthood. There are some subcategories:

  1. Toy (up to 10 lb.)
  2. Mini small (from 11 to 22 lb.)

There are many benefits of having a small dog

  • They do not eat that much, they have less needs that bigger dogs, this makes it cheaper to own one.
  • They are suitable for any lifestyle. Small dogs do not need big spaces in the house, and they can adapt to the small spaces to play and drain their energy. They love comforts.
  • They are quiet, obedient and do not bark too much… Well, there are some exceptions.
  • They are loving and kind even more with their owner, but also with the entire family including the children.
  • They are suitable to live in apartments. And as some mid-sized dogs, they can also be excellent guardians.

If you want to choose a small dog, you must consider a dog breed that adapts optimally to your needs; we can offer you some advice:

Do not take into account only the dog’s size, you must also consider temperament, needs and habits. There are some dog breeds that are small but cannot stay at home all the time such as the Jack Russell Terrier or the Miniature Pinscher, they have a lot of energy and must go on walks and have plenty of exercise.

You must look after their hygiene, but more importantly you will need to take extra care of their teeth; small dogs have tiny teeth, and can develop dental disorders. You must take them to the vet from time to time to preserve their dental health.

Diet is very important for this type of dogs; they are quite picky when it comes to food. They do not eat too much, but they are very selective and love the things that are not really good for them. Also they are prone to obesity.

Small Dogs: The Toy

These dogs are so small and light that they can be considered pocket-sized. Even though they are small in size, they have a strong personality and are protective of their territory and family. Some of these breeds are especially suitable to live in apartments.

They are full of energy, alert at all times and they can adapt to life in the city. Newborn puppies do not reach a pound of weight. They have a lifespan of 16 years or more.

This type of dog became popular when Hollywood celebrities showed up with their dogs in their purses in many public events. Some of the most popular toy breeds are:

1) Maltese

It is a small, fluffy and playful dog. This dog breed is very warm and affectionate but also loves to have its own space and being independent. It is an excellent companion dog.

They have an average lifespan of 12 years. The Maltese is smart, sensitive, sweet and kind with its owner. It is quite lazy, that is why you must stimulate its playful personality. This breed can also be a good guardian dog for your apartment as their bark is very loud.

2) Chihuahua

It is the smallest dog in the world; it can immediately adapt to live in a house. The Chihuahua is respectful and kind, it loves to spend time with other Chihuahuas, gathering in small groups. It is also the ideal dog if you have a cat in the house.

The Chihuahua can weigh around 3 to 6 lb. and its height can vary between 6 to 9 inches. Its ears are always erect and open, which is why it has an excellent hearing. The tail is curly and the body is long and compact, muscled and well-proportioned. Females Chihuahuas are often bigger in size than males.

3) Yorkshire Terrier

This little dog can defend its family as well as a Mastiff. The Yorkshire loves to spend time on the couch, which makes it the perfect dog for an apartment.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a strong and protective bond with its owner; and develops a special empathy with its owner’s moods.

4) Bichon Frise

This little fur ball is loyal and gentle, especially with elders and children. It is a partner for life for those who live in the city. Nowadays, unfortunately this dog breed is rarely known. Some people prefer similar dogs, such as the Maltese, Bolognese or Poodle.

However, with its small dark eyes and soft white coat, the Bichon Frise becomes the children’s best friend. It is a loving and cheerful companion.

5) Miniature Dachshund

The Miniature Dachshund weighs around 9 lb. You must train it properly during puppyhood, to control its hunting instincts. The Dachshund is not a big fan of children. In general, this breed has good health and has a lifespan of 15 years.

The Dachshund requires a lot of physical activity, in order to prevent back problems. This little dog’s thin fur does not provide it with a lot of protection against wet and cold weather, so we recommend keeping your dog always warm and dry. A puppy can cost around 700 dollars.

Small Dogs: Mini Small

They are classified as small dogs but are bigger than Toys. There are some popular dog breeds preferred by families. Here are some examples:

1) Volpino Italiano

It weighs around 11 lb. This dog breed loves to play with kids, but if it is not raised properly it can become anxious and nosy. The Volpino is an excellent companion dog, but due to its strong temperament and territorial attitude, it can become overprotective with its owner.

As its name indicates the Volpino Italiano, is an Italian dog. It is a Spitz type dog, which is a type of dog of the Arctic region used for hunting, sledding and as a domestic dog. In this group we can find: Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Akita, Samoyed Dog, Pomeranian and a lot of other strong, brave, and intelligent dogs.

2) Cavalier King

This elegant and noble dog weighs 17 lb. The complete name of this breed is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Its small size makes it the perfect companion to take anywhere, and has become celebrities’ number one choice for pet.

It needs a lot of exercise because of its athletic nature; you must take it for regular walks to the park and backyard to have fun. This dog is very sociable with its family and with other animals. The Cavalier King’s temperament makes it one of the most popular breeds for therapy dogs.

3) Miniature Pinscher

The Pinscher is an excellent guardian dog despite its small size. It is a good and harmless companion dog. If you train it correctly, it can become a brave guardian for the house, respected by bigger dogs.

It is protector, cheerful, trusting and proud; it has a balanced temperament, for these reasons this breed is the perfect family dog and a partner for life. However, it has a similar personality to bigger guardian dogs. The Pinscher does not trust strangers and tends to bark at visitors.

4) Westie

It is a warm, fun, and patient dog. The West Highland White Terrier is an Scottish dog, perfect for life in apartments. The Westie is a loving and patient dog with its owner, it can be a good companion and guardian dog; but keep in mind it does not like to be carried in arms.

This dog breed is friendly with strangers, it can be a good companion for children; on the other hand it does not enjoy spending time with other dogs and cats. Originally it was used to hunt foxes, otters, badgers and rabbits, these tasks helped develop its ability to enter through holes and get small prey.

5) Shih Tzu

This dog is cheerful and happy. It rarely loses hair; this makes it the perfect pet for allergic people. This dog breed has a strong personality, sometimes a little stubborn, but always loving, affectionate, and sociable with its family.

The Shih Tzu can be a great guardian, barking at strangers and being cautious around them. It is a playful and cheerful dog, perfect to be around children and other animals. It is very important to raise it properly during puppyhood.

If you have fallen in love with one of the small dogs, you can go and find your new four-legged friend, who is certainly waiting for you.


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