What Are The Best Dry Dog Foods? All Our Tips



Choosing the best dry dog food is important so our puppy can be healthy and in perfect shape.

Dry dog foods are obviously the easiest way to feed your dog, since dry food makes more sense in terms of convenience. And that makes the difference with wet food.

Kibbles have a full nutritional profile that other types of food do not have. For example, wet food contains more fat. Before we keep talking, it is important to always ask your vet which wet dog food you should choose, especially if your dog has specific needs.

Obviously, not all dry dog food is fully nutritious and good, only the best kibble brands can guarantee a balanced and full nutrition.

Always read the dietary value on the package

It is always best to learn and read the nutritional information on the food package, as we all know dogs are omnivorous, but it is better to find dog food with meat and fish as the main ingredient. You should check it is not only meat-based by-products and flours, as these are much harder to absorb by our pet’s digestive system.

Moreover, the best dry dog foods come in very easy-to-give doses, you can check on the package that shows precise guidelines and portions. Of course, you can always ask your vet for some advice as every dog is different, and maybe yours may need a lower or higher dose.

The best dry dog foods are the ones that can preserve its properties, and maintain their qualities longer than fresh food. Also, kibbles are cheaper and contain a high quantity of nutrients.

You must consider avoiding the brands that have a lower nutritional profile; you will need to increase the quantity to reach the correct nutritional dose.

Kibbles can be served directly on the pet’s plate; cleaning and fortifying the dog’s teeth while they eat it.

To choose the best dry dog food for your loyal friend among the different kinds of kibbles in the market, you must consider your dog’s size, age and breed.

Let’s start by age, the best dry dog foods can be:

  • The best dry food for puppies: These are especially made for puppies, therefore, they are richer in calcium and other nutritional components that help puppies while they are growing up.
  • The best dry food for adult dogs (or standard): These are the ones for dogs that have a normal physical activity; they must be chosen by dog breed.
  • The best dry food for senior dogs: These are specific for oldies as they need certain nutrients.
  • Premium Kibbles: These ones are for dogs with an intense physical activity or for the ones in lactation period.
  • Light or low-calorie kibbles: These are the right ones for sedentary or obese dogs.
  • Dry food for dogs under medication: These are the ones for dogs with different diseases or conditions, such as: gastrointestinal issues, sterilized dogs, allergies or dermatitis.

You may know that even the size of the kibble is important. The individual kibble’s size must be the correct one and no bigger, otherwise the dog could not chew it. Neither should it be too small as the dog could eat it without chewing, with the risk of choking or having digestion problems.

You should consider which breed could be more or less prone to certain problems and having a specific diet could prevent them.

The Best Dry Dog Foods: Homemade

It is possible to prepare homemade dog food, if you have time and know your way around the kitchen. There are many recipes on how to make homemade kibbles properly with many fresh and carefully chosen ingredients.

But it is always better to consult your vet before you begin cooking them, especially if your dog has a particular health condition. The vet will give you some guidelines about ingredients and the ones you should avoid for your four legged best friend.

The Best Dry Food for Puppies

During the first years of your puppy’s life, it is very important to be aware of their physical and psychological development. Therefore, you must choose the best dog food for puppies, paying attention to the characteristics of the product you acquire, carefully reading the labels, and even consulting with your vet.

In general, the best kibbles for puppies have calcium to strengthen their bones during their growth. During the first years, you should not trust cheap or low quality dog food; your dog needs to grow strong and healthy, like any other puppy.

Low-Priced Dry Dog Food

Whenever you save too much, you should know there is something wrong. You can recognize low-priced dry dog food by its low nutritious value.

Before you buy it, we recommend paying attention to the ingredients on the label, to see if there is too much fat, or meat derivatives. Also, you can find excellent kibbles and at a reasonable price; ask your vet for recommendations, especially if your dog has any diseases or conditions.

The Best Dry Food for Senior Dogs

Even if you do not want it to happen, there comes a time when our 4-legged friend grows old. At this moment, you must feed them with dry food for older dogs, also known as dry senior dog food.

Before you purchase the proper dog food, read the labels, consult your veterinarian about brands, so he can guide you to make a smart buy.

As dogs get older, they tend to have multiple health issues; so when you acquire senior dog food you should pay attention to nutrients, supplements and vitamins in the kibbles.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Dog food with lamb and rice are considered hypoallergenic foods, because it does not contain wheat and corn, dogs cannot digest corn.

If you feel your dog has any food allergies, you should start checking the labels of the dog food for any components that could trigger this allergy. This may seem like a tedious process, but in the long run your 4-legged friend will be much happier and healthy.

The Best Dry Dog Foods: Top Brands

  1. Acana Pacifica
  2. Forthglade
  3. Alpha Spirit Only Fish
  4. Simpsons Premium Adult Sensitive
  5. Farmina N&D Grain Free
  6. Royal Canin Maxi
  7. Bravery
  8. Farmina N&D
  9. Lams for Vitality
  10. Monge All Breeds Adult

Where to Buy The Best Dry Dog Foods

Usually pet owners do not trust buying dog food from supermarkets. So, where can you buy them?

First of all, you should look for dog food in pet stores and reliable web sites; you can find different brands, better than the ones you see at the supermarket.

Another advantage when purchasing in pet stores is that the salesman has more knowledge, he should be able to answer all of your questions, and recommend the proper brand of dog food for your pet.

The only downside at buying at these particular places is that you can end up spending a lot of money on a bag of dog food that your pet does not like. So we recommend purchasing the smallest bag possible, so your dog can give it a try! We have cleared up all the most important aspects and now you can go in search of a Pet Shop.


Tips for Buying Dry Dog Food

Some of the most expensive brands have less nutritious ingredients, without the vitamins and minerals that are essential for your dog’s health. Sometimes, less means more.

Prime food for dogs has the best ingredients. It is not only healthy but also delicious. If, by any reason, you want to change the food brand, you need to give your dog a period of transition; otherwise you could alter its stomach.

Add small amounts of the new food, during one or two days; every day you can increase the amount, until you change it completely. This process can last approximately one week.

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