The Best Guard Dogs: Fifteen Most Suitable Breeds for This Task



Let’s find out which are the best watchdogs you can find on the planet.

There are some four-legged dogs that better not get upset: the best guard dogs are those that will protect you and your family from people with bad intentions, and many times they will be more useful than any piece of technology.

By instinct and by training, there are some dogs that are better adapted to this task: they know how to alert or show their teeth when necessary. In fact, the help of a guard dog could be decisive. In some cases, a watchdog may even save your life.

Yes, because our pets love us so much that they will protect us even at the cost of their own lives. They will not think twice about attacking people who, for whatever reason, have entered your property.

Best Guard Dogs: 15 Ideal Breeds

We have selected fifteen breeds especially suitable for this purpose (but you must bear in mind that they will need to be trained to perform their task in the best possible way). Ready? Let’s start!

15) Spanish Mastiff: By its large size, it is preferable to have a large house, possibly with a garden, to allow the Spanish Mastiff to exercise at its own pace.

Urban life can be stressful for it, as the Spanish Mastiff is more inclined to loneliness and to relate only to its family. The ideal solution would be a secluded house. It does not require much physical exercise, but without a doubt, given its size, a walk with it could become a challenge.

The Spanish Mastiff is a great companion, guardian and defense dog. It is still used as a sheepdog, but it is more useful as a companion on farms and fields, since it is a guard dog, protector of the territory and defender of the family.

14) Belgian Shepherd: anyone who has known this breed will know that among the aspects of its character that stand out the most, without a doubt, is its vitality. It is a very elegant and muscular dog, this characteristic makes it a sporty breed. Its intelligence and highly developed olfactory sense led it to be also suitable for police work, as an anti-drug or rescue dog, but also as a guide companion for the blind.

The Belgian Shepherd is a very affectionate dog, it needs pampering and is very attached to its owner, who it would defend at any cost. Perhaps that is why it has been labeled as aggressive, or a bad dog. Its impulsive character can be curbed and educated from puppyhood, following and training it to correct its temperament. All of this makes it a great watchdog. It has a strong spirit of initiative and when he stands guard, it forgives no one, not even people it knows: when night falls, the territory it controls becomes impossible to penetrate.

It is a very sensitive dog, so you must be careful not to treat it too harshly, as it reacts immediately to stimuli and could become hostile.

13) Doberman: While some fear this wonderful breed of dog, others know that when you’ve owned a Doberman, you can hardly do without it to fill your days with happiness. It is perhaps one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs that exist among all breeds. Yes, you have understood correctly.

It is a peaceful and very sociable animal. Of course, it is a watchdog and if its owner is in any way threatened then it will show its toothy smile. But it is also a very obedient dog, and if it is well behaved it will respond to its owner with immediate effect. For this reason, you need a determined and confident trainer who can convey calm and determination.

12) Dogue de Bordeaux: it is a dog capable of intimidating anyone, by its size, its weight and its excellent qualities as a guard dog, also because of its past, as a fighting dog.

Today, however, the character of the Dogue de Bordeaux has become less aggressive, and this dog is docile and balanced, very attached to the owner and very patient with children. As always, to be sure of its character, it is best to train it since puppyhood so that it becomes the perfect guardian.

11) Neapolitan Mastiff: we are facing the classic example whereby appearances can be deceiving. In fact, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a good giant. Certainly, it is very protective of his own home and his “acquired family”, and is of a size that can cause fear to any opponent.

However, bouts of gratuitous assault, with a few exceptions, are very rare. This breed can be defined as very loyal.

10) Tibetan Mastiff: It is undoubtedly one of the best watchdogs. Due to its size it is best to keep it in open spaces. It is not really suitable for apartment living. It is always alert and vigilant and is often seen as isolated. It is a dog that does not let its intentions be noticed. However, it is very close to its family and very protective, because it feels responsible for them.

Despite its independence, it needs constant contact. It is famous for its courage. Nothing seems to scare it. Strangers and children should be kept at a distance, mostly due to its unpredictability.

9) Maremma Sheepdog: it is not a dog that likes to be pampered, but we should not get it wrong: it is a breed that is very close to its owner and its family, only that its independence means not waiting every minute for its owner at the door.

In fact, although it is not aggressive, it will be ready to defend its home and family when necessary. It is a dog that demands respect in order to give it back. It is suspicious of strangers.

8) Caucasian Shepherd: as a breed, it was recognized in the 50s in Russia, and in the 80s by the FCI. The first specimens of this canine breed have been a valuable aid to the armies of the Tsar. Due to its waterproof thick coat, it can withstand adverse weather conditions. It’s very suspicious of strangers. It is in its nature to be like this, we must remember that it is a guard dog, and since the beginning it has protected cattle and the shepherd.

It is always alert and if someone does not like it, it makes itself understood very well with a deep growl, a state of restlessness and a wag of the tail.

7) American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff): its ancestors were fighting dogs, From them, it inherited a combative and courageous character. However, these characteristics have faded over time, and today it is a brave but not so aggressive dog.

For this reason, its ideal use is as a watchdog, also because the Amstaff has a very strong sensitivity that allows it to immediately understand if the person approaching it is endowed with good or bad intentions.

Therefore, it is one of the best watchdogs to entrust with your protection. In addition, it is a dog that loves to socialize, and this makes it an excellent companion dog as well.

6) Pyrenean Mountain Dog: its character is that of a self-confident animal, but it is very calm and affectionate, especially with children. It is a territorial dog that knows how to protect its family or livestock very well when it is necessary. Normally, when there are no dangers in sight, it is a patient and loyal dog.

Therefore, it is an excellent watchdog. Throughout history it has been used for different tasks, it even became an excellent companion dog for French nobility.

5) Rottweiler: surely one of the best guard dogs in the world, it is one of those dog breeds considered dangerous. Is this true? Well, yes and no. It is true when someone threatens its owner, its family, or its home. It’s true when you feel threatened. Generally, it is in a constant state of alert, it is an intelligent and calm dog that never barks in vain.

Of course, we have to remember that it is a watchdog. It is possessive of its family and especially its owner, if it feels threatened or perceives danger towards its family then it will warn the intruder to stay away by showing its teeth. It is not a dog that attacks immediately, but if it does, nothing can stop it.

4) Dogo Argentino: its character is that of a perfect guard and defense dog. It’s very intelligent and shrewd, but also terribly territorial: it hardly ever barks, but if a dog of the same sex invades its territory it will assert its power.

This is because its strong character is part of its nature. During the hunt it shows all its cunning and courage. However, it cannot be said that the Argentine Dogo is not an extremely affectionate and sweet dog, despite having an appearance that would not make us think otherwise. It loves its family and its owner, it is very protective. It is suspicious of people it does not know, but it is not instinctively aggressive.

3) German Shepherd: It is impossible not to include it in this list of best watchdogs. It is a very versatile dog, adaptable to many different uses. One of its first duties, of course, was related to herding cattle.

Today, the German Shepherd is used as a police dog to find traces of drugs. Its exceptional sense of smell allows it to find people who are missing or buried in landslides. At home, the German Shepherd makes a very good watchdog.

2) Bullmastiff: It is a great companion dog, at home and in all aspects. It is sociable with everyone in its family, including children. It doesn’t fit very well in apartment living, but it makes a great watchdog. True to its past, and born to help its owners against poachers, it is an excellent defense animal, although looking at its well-known shyness during the first year of life it might be strange to think so.

However, it is essential if you choose a Bullmastiff as a guard dog that it can move freely around the house. You should also take it for a walk several times a day, so that it does not lose its olfactory and auditory stimuli, as would happen by leaving it alone for a long time in a small space.

1) Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff: it is distrustful of all strangers, but never violent. If it senses danger, it will not attack right away, calmly and intelligently it will warn the ill-intentioned person not to take another step, growling or at most giving him a bark! Be careful, because it is not scared of anything.

Best Guard Dogs: Video

If you have fallen in love with one of the best guard dogs in the world, you can go and find your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.


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