The Biggest Dogs in the World: 20 Giant Dog Breeds


The biggest dogs in the world may be scary due to their size, but they are true champions of affection: Let’s find out what these breeds are like.

Among dog lovers, there are those who adore puppies to protect and pamper them and those who look for small dogs that can be carried everywhere. They fit in a bag and are cute and tiny, just like newborns. Other people prefer big dogs since they give them a feeling of protection. For this reason, we will present you the biggest dogs in the world.

Although there is not a single definition of a giant breed, part of the canine world identifies giant size breeds as those that exceed 99 lb in weight. XL dogs can be robust and powerful, or tall and long-legged. Unlike what you might think, these big dogs usually have a calm temperament and are excellent family companions.

If you are interested in being pampered on the couch by a mountain of fur, have a look at the list of the world’s biggest dogs:

1) Great Dane: This breed, recognized in the world for its size, is considered one of the largest dogs in the world. They are patient, friendly, and loyal. The height varies between 70 and 90 cm and the weight ranges from 99 to 198 lb. Unfortunately, they are not very long-lived dogs; the average life expectancy of the Great Dane is 9/11 years. The biggest dog in the world was Zeus with 47 inches (120 cm) in height.

2) English Mastiff: Undoubtedly, this breed is one of the biggest dogs in the world. It has ancient origins and seems to have been the first to appear in Roman récords during the conquest of England. A male can weigh up to 249 lb. The largest English Mastiff ever reported was Zorba with a record weight of 340 lb. It was the biggest dog in the world at the time he lived.

3) Newfoundland: Originally, this dog was used as a working dog for fishermen. It is famous for its intelligence and swimming skills. A sweet and peaceful dog that can weigh up to 154 lb.

4) Tibetan Mastiff: In fact, this breed comes from Tibet, but also China, Nepal, and India. It can reach 25 inches (65 cm) in height and more than 176 lb in weight.

5) Scottish Deerhound: Originally, this dog was bred to hunt deer. It has a calm and sweet character. The Scottish Deerhound is well included among the biggest dogs in the world since they are really tall but relatively light. Males, for instance, can reach 80 cm and weigh between 74 and 110 lb.

6) Neapolitan Mastiff: The size of this dog is truly impressive; it can weigh up to 154 lb. It is a great protector of his home and family and, certainly, it is not a dog you want to bother cheerfully.

7) Saint Bernard: This breed, originally from Italy and the Swiss Alps, was used for mountain rescue. It can be considered one of the biggest dogs in the world. The most robust adult males reach up to 35 inches (90 cm) in height and 265 lb in weight.

8) Irish Greyhound: It is the tallest dog breed in the world. This dog has a height of 70-90 cm. In the past, it was used to hunt and to guard. This is a dog that loves to be alone and it can be capricious sometimes.

9) Caucasian Shepherd: This breed is found in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. It has a large body structure and a powerful musculature. It belongs to the Molosser family and can reach 27 inches (70 cm) in height for females and even 75 cm for males.

10) Leonberger: This breed, also called the soft lion, takes its name from the German town of Leonberg. It can reach 75 cm in height and 150 lb in weight. It is characterized by a thick coat, a friendly and playful character that makes them suitable for family life.

11) Boerboel: This is one of the biggest dogs in the world. It is a large and robust breed from South Africa. Its size is impressive: it can reach up to 70 cm in height and can even weigh 220 lb. Not only is this breed loyal, but also fond of children, protector of its family and territory.

12) Anatolian Shepherd: This is an ancient dog that was bred in Turkey 6 thousand years ago. It is fairly among the largest dogs in the world since it can reach up to 80 cm in height and 154 lb in weight. It is a true giant. This dog was originally bred to take care of the flocks. It was able to control the herd without human supervision, even in vast wilderness areas. For this reason, it has developed an independent and vigorous character. Besides, it needs to be socialized from early puppyhood in order to avoid all kinds of aggression as adults.

13) Pyrenean Mountain Dog: This breed has been selected to protect goats and for being suitable for mountain life. It is highly smart and affectionate as well as really big: It can be between 65 and 82 cm high and weigh 119 lb.

14) Landseer: It is similar to the Newfoundland; however, it differs from its American cousin in having longer limbs and a greater sense of guarding. This breed loves water deeply. The largest male specimens can reach 80 cm in height and 175 lb in weight.

15) Pakistani Mastiff: The descendant of a now-extinct breed called Alaunt reaches up to 90 cm high and, even with 198 lb of weight, it is a sociable, docile, and easy to train dog.

16) Kangal: This is another dog of Turkish origin that was bred to live in mountains and protect cattle. It can be up to 81 cm high and, although it is part of the Molosser family, it is lighter since it can weigh from 123 to 146 lb. Due to the fact that it weighs less, this breed is faster and more agile. This is a calm, controllable, independent, robust, and guard dog. If properly socialized, it is suitable for contact with strangers and children.

17) Akbash: It is considered one of the biggest fogs in the world. This breed is also from Turkey and has been selected to protect flocks. It is characterized by a white coat and it can reach up to 85 cm in height and about 141 lb in weight. It has a calm and gentle dog. It has excellent endurance and perseverance as well as good concentration skills.

18) Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso): This is the cousin of the Neapolitan Mastiff. In Italy, this breed is selected for hunting and guarding. The Italian Mastiff is a highly muscular dog, but less imposing than the other Mastiffs. It weighs a maximum of 110 lb and reaches a maximum height of 70 cm.

19) Kuvasz: It is a dog of Hungarian origin that was selected by nomads to guard their flocks. It is characterized by a thick, white coat, an intelligent and cunning character with a great sense of humor.

20) Komondor: This breed is also of Hungarian origin. It might? have come from the Asian steppes with the hordes of the Huns. It is impossible to be mistaken due to the composition of its coat. It is a very obedient dog with a calm character, cautious, and distrustful. It reaches up to 70 cm in height and 132 lb in weight.

The world’s biggest dogs can certainly be challenging, but they inspire confidence and protection proportional to their size.

If you have fallen in love with one of the biggest dogs in the world, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend who is surely waiting for you.


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