The Most Overeating Dogs & Tips So They Don’t Ask for Food Constantly



Many dogs are known for asking for food at all times, this behavior might be annoying and if you do not change it might cause overweight or obesity.

We all know our dog’s little face when they come to you to the table with those shiny eyes begging for food, even when they just have eaten. It is completely normal falling for those powerful cute and sweet faces; but this is actually a mistake we make as owners. Allowing this kind of behavior would not be of any good in the near future and along the time, we would not be able to have lunch, dinner or a snack in peace.

We cannot blame our pets for this habit, first of all because their survival instinct prompts them to feed; moreover, we are the ones to blame because we did not provide a proper education to our pets to avoid this behavior.

Our fluffy friends know all the tricks to make you fall in the trap, such as crying, cuddling and the soft touch of their little paw just to get our attention. That is how we end up giving them some food, and how it begins the never-ending story.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Your Dog Begging for Food

It is true that there are some dogs that will spend all day long eating if they could. It is just a matter of a noise of a bag opening, a cooking smell and magically your pet dog will show up next to you, it would not hesitate for even a second to approach you. As we all know excessive eating could cause some health issues in our pets such as overweight and obesity.

Here you have some tips to avoid your fluffy friend to ask for food at all times:

  1. The Dog Should not be at the table. If your pet comes to you while you are eating and lays its paw or muzzle on you, you must softly push your friend away with your arm without giving it much attention. Slowly your pet will understand that is not a place to stay.
  2. Use a Firm Voice to Set the Rule. With a simple “no”; short, loud and clear, the message will be effective. You must avoid using your dog’s name to scold it; your friend might get confused and will think that you are actually calling it.
  3. Take the Dog Out of the Dining Room. During dinner time, take your dog to the back yard or to another place. Some owners place small barriers like the ones used for babies at the doors.
  4. Feed Your Dog Before or During Your Meals. Many owners use this strategy so their dog will be eating during the lunch or dinner time of the family. It is important that you learn how to correctly manage the portions you give to your pet along the day.
  5. Show Your Dog its Plate. If your dog insists during your dinner time, show it its plate until your fluffy friend understands that is the food it belongs to it.
  6. Keep Your Pet Dog Busy. You can give your pet its favorite toy and keep your friend busy with that, so it will get distracted with something else while you are having your meal and your dog will lose interest in what you are doing.
  7. Teach Your Guests the House Rules. You must explain to your guests the house rules and that it is completely prohibited to feed the dog.
  8. Train Your Dog Since Puppyhood. As a friendly reminder, you must train your dog from puppyhood to avoid these misbehaviors during adulthood. Remember it is easier to teach your dog the rules and commands while it is a puppy than when it is an adult.
  9. Respect Your Dog’s Meal Times. Dogs are animals of habits and routine, if you respect the scheduled feeding hours you will avoid your dog asking for food at any time.
  10. Patience and Perseverance Are the Key. Training your pet dog requires discipline, patience and perseverance. You must be firm and clear whenever you give your dog an order and reward it when your friend makes it right. Sometimes this process might take a while and could be tedious but it is really worth it.

The Most Overeating Dog Breeds

It is a fact that there are some dog breeds that have a tendency to get overweight or obesity, this depends on their metabolism, exercise and the place they live. Some of them are:

Giant Dog Breeds Eat a Lot Due to Their Size

Giant dog breeds eat more food due to its enormous size and physical structure. They require big quantities of nutrients, proteins, minerals and vitamins in order to be healthy. Some of these dog breeds are:

If you have fallen in love with one of the most overeating dog breeds, you can go in search of your new 4-legged friend, who is surely waiting for you.

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