Tips to Clean Your Dog’s Ears without Being Invasive



The importance of cleaning the ears of your dog should never be underestimated.

Dirt and bacteria may build up in your dog’s ears, causing infections and bad odors. For this reason, in this article, we will deal with ear cleaning in your dog to prevent disorders and ear alterations. We will also share some tricks and useful tips.

How Do I Clean my Dog’s Ears?

Some owners fear to hurt their pet or simply are not pleased to deal with ear cleaning of their dog. You can go to your vet or groomer, they can clean your 4-legged friend’s ears.

This may be an expensive option. But you can actually carry out this chore yourself at home, saving time and money (as long as it has no serious infections or diseases).

First, you should periodically assess the wellbeing of your dog to ensure adequate ear cleaning. Check if there are any changes, or if you find any object or bad odor. In short, keep every part of your dog’s body under control, especially if it has long ears stuck to its head, like the Cocker Spaniel.

Cleaning your Dog’s Ears: 9 Rules to Follow

1. Verify the state of the ears

It is completely normal to find a little wax in the ear. What should be avoided is the excessive accumulation of dirt and debris in this delicate body part. If you notice a yellow, grey or light brown build-up, or blood (dry or not), take your dog to the vet, especially if the dog you have adopted has never had its auditory system cleaned.

2. Check if there are no strange objects

Parasites, such as ticks, try to take over your dog’s ears as their home. This area is difficult to reach for the animal, and only you, its owner, can keep it under control. If your dog goes out to the street, walks on the grass, or goes to the “bathroom” near trees, it will also be normal to notice weeds, flowers or seeds in its ears. In any case, it will be necessary to remove these strange objects with extreme care.

3. Be careful with bacterial or fungus infections

When a strange object enters the ear canal of your dog, it may cause infections. If you notice bad odor or green or brown discharge, your dog may need a special topical medicine. Cleaning, on its own, cannot solve the problem and, in some cases, it might make things worse.

4. Use proper products

In pet shops you will find many products designed to clean your dog’s ears. If you are not willing to spend money, you may prepare yourself your cleaning solution. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • Vinegar

Mix these two ingredients in equal parts at room temperature and apply this homemade cleaning solution with meticulous care. Never use homemade remedies if there is infection or irritation, you must immediately contact your vet.

5. Use cotton and water

A little bit of warm water and cotton are enough to clean the ears of a dog. Gently rub the ear and ear canal without pressing too much, but strongly enough to remove the build-up in those areas. Here are 2 tips:

  • Calm down the animal before the treatment and let it lie down comfortably
  • Use latex gloves for better hygiene

6. Do not forget the outer zones

Once you have finished cleaning the inner ear, focus on the external area. Use more cotton and clean water, always lukewarm. Be careful not to rub the skin too harshly and never use alcohol or vinegar if there are any lesions or wounds. Wait for them to be cured completely to carry out a more effective cleaning.

7. Cleaning with water (if necessary)

After going to the vet, you may also need to use water or a special rinse to remove excess wax from the ears of your furry friend. Once the ear canal is damp, gently rub the base of the ear for a minute. With a gauze or cotton swab, you will have to remove and clean the build-up from the ears.

8. Let the dog shake its head

When you finish cleaning, your pet will wish to shake its head to eliminate any liquid or debris left in its ears. Leave it alone because it is the best way to complete the cleaning process. Move aside so as not to get dirty, and do not forget to clean the surroundings once you finish. We recommend cleaning your dog’s ears in an open area of the house, like the backyard or the terrace.

9. Periodical Cleaning

It is important to plan your dog’s ear cleaning at least once a month. So you do not forget, you may create a reminder in your calendar or an alarm on your phone. Obviously, if your dog’s activity is too intense, plays in the park, on the beach, or if it is season-related, then frequent ear cleaning will have to be done more often.

If you have more doubts, you may consult a professional near your house, who will provide the best attention and answer all your questions.

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